Thursday, July 7, 2011


"I have to agree with the fellows here.... Faulkner does indeed suck.

Stream of consciousness is just a way to put a good label on crap. Hell, one could easily argue that 'rap' is the same thing as the stream of consciousness narrative style.

Take this as a person who dominated upper div english courses at a top 10 university..... the entire basis of literature academia is just pathetic. Since there is such an emphasis on the classics, new works are often shunned or never researched. Thus, you're left with a predicament, how are you furthering the knowledge of literature if you keep clinging to these archaic pieces of writing?

Simple, you're inventing bullshit for theses. In fact, this is the same thing most students do for their english classes. We came up with bullshit, found pieces of 'evidence' that support our bullshit, and wrote a paper on bullshit. Now how do we get away with this? The academic community emphasizes the literature of those WHO ARE ALREADY DEAD. THUSLY, WE CAN NEVER GET A CONFIRMATION OR DENIAL OF THIS BULLSHIT. So as long as there is never an answer to these bullshit papers/theses, they can continue, uninterrupted.

Get real, and study something that will help society evolve."

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