Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Karl Marx - The Communist Manifesto III

"No matter what anyone tells you, it is not the responsibility of govornment or state to change society for the better. it can only be changed by individuals with good intentions."

"Proof enough is the fact that not one communist nation remaining can claim to be anything more than a third-world economic, cultural, and social power."

"Ayn Rand smashed the intellectual absurdities of Marx."

"Materialism is an incoherent, self-refuting philosophy. If everything is matter in motion, then the human being must be a machine, or less, a random collection of organic molecules. How can the person who asserts that he is a randomly-created machine know that this assertion is true? A random, chaotic bag of chemicals must be subject to error, by definition and reason. Materialism undercuts itself."

"When will the left finally be satiated? When will their blood lust finally succumb to pangs of conscience?"

"Now see this book talks about the utopian society. And since the last time I checked. We were not living in a Utopian society. So mr Marx was wrong because this book doesn't take into account the feelings of man. Every person deep down inside wants Power. So you will always have the exploiter. And no offense but the exploited aren't smart enough to rebel and make everything equal."

"The Communists consider it a kind of a bible. It's truely amazing, because when you read it, you can't help noticing that only people of very low intellect are able to write such text."

"Everything that Marx and Engels expounded in the hard to read piece of garbage was wrong ... if you are reading it to 'learn' something, you are only oppressing yourself."

"I don't want some freeloading parasite who doesn't know jack-squat about economics telling me that I should be forced to subsidize them, irregardless of whethter I think they've earned it."

"Although communism has since become a discredited ideology, there are still many who foolishly believe in its tenents. Unfortunately, many of those who do teach in our colleges and universities and they are indoctrinating our impressionable youth with these lies.

Communism isn't dead. It's merely dormant. All the more reason we need to be on guard so we can separate the truth, as it is found in Scripture, from the lies of heathen Bolshevism as espoused by Marx and Engels."

"Communist Manifesto is nothing but a garbled jargon spewing by Illuminati hired (...) Karl (...) Marx."

"Kinda a pointless book now that communism has been proven ineffective. I guess if you still want to live in this type of society you can move to Russa, China, Cuba etc. Lucky for them they have the US to give them foreign aid. Communism would be dead within a few decades without a capitolistic nation to support it."


"this was a good idea, but it is a big lie, just do your selfs a favor and stay away from this, and stick with reality."

"there has only ever been two types of political systems:
1. Slavery
2. Freedom

All political systems throughout history were systems of slavery (Especially Socialism/Communism/Fascism)
The United States tried to put together a system of freedom/liberty just over 200 years ago, but it was quickly perverted because it was not set up correctly.

If you are interested in a political system that promotes Morality (Right and wrong, not Christian morality) Life, Happiness, Freedom, Justus, Liberty and especially abundance, start with reading Atlas Shrugged and then read Socialism."

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  1. UNCUT: "Communist Manifesto is nothing but a garbled jargon spewing by Illuminati hired 'Hollywood' Karl 'The Hammer' Marx."