Monday, July 18, 2011

Sigmund Freud - Totem and Taboo

"Freud is an idiot."

"His ideas were all wrong. Modern psychology has discredited every concept he proposed.
Freudians 'Fraudians' believe that if you have a dream in which your falling, it means your struggling with controllling your life, your in crisis, but modern understanding is that your rehersing an ancient evolutionary fear that is hardwired in the brain, simply the fear of falling, 30 million years ago you were a monkey up a tree, and falling is such a big worry for a monkey it's still hardwired in our brains. All Freud's theories of psychosexual development have been trashed, he has contributed nothing that can stand up to scrutiny, simply put his theories were enormously fashionable, but are now seen as idiotic fantasies. Why was he such a fool? the fact that he used more coke than a crack dealer did'nt help."

"Freud is not relevant today and he was whacko."

"I really hate Sigmund Freud and his theories. Again, they're completely untestable, and they really don't make sense. How the hell can our dreams express our repressed sexuality? They're DREAMS! They're messed up and weird because...just BECAUSE! Most dreams are meaningless, and that, to him, all of them have to do with sex is just silly."

"You have to think of the context that Freud was in: 19th century Austria, which was a Victorian"

"I think it's unusual that he would say that a baby going number 2 is sexual in anyway shape or form, you crazy bastard. And by unusual I mean sick. And by crazy bastard I mean fucking douchebag."

"yea, these days hed be considered a pedo"

"I also cant believe that the crazy ideas of Sigmund Freud are respected, Im sure I cant be the only person who thinks that he is joke gone too far. I wish he was alive so the whole human race could sue him for defamation. His ideas are clearly insane which is ironic coming from an “expert” of the brain. Why cant we just except that we as a species are not smart enough to understand our Brains and the universe. We don’t have to know everything!!"

"Why would people listen to Freud anyway? He is the guy who actually said that we wanted to have sex with our parents."

"I am saying that not every idea that respected scientists and academics like Freud have are correct. for example they did believe the world was flat and earth was the centre of the universe. some experts believe in climate change, other experts dont. they cant both be right. past, presnt and future has nothing to with it. At the end of the day Freud is a clown and is wrong. He is obviously a incestuous drug fuelled mad scientist."

"I tend to call people Freud as an insult."

"sex has nothing to do with real life"


  1. You have to admit. He was obsessed with sex. Every other theory was related to sexuality.


  3. think freud maybe made some bigger leaps to get to sex stuff than darwin did