Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dante - The Divine Comedy II

"Seeing as how Dante's Inferno is a hot topic nowadays, I was wondering: I've always wanted to 'read' The Divine Comedy, but I hate reading verse. Does anyone know of any books that do a straight adaptation of the work in a novelization-like form?"


"Not that many pages in, and I already love the feeling of 'fanciness' when you read a novel dated in time of the renaissance."

"I don't see the point of postmodernism if this is kind of the epitome of a postmodern work."

"I read this because I must. It isn't a bad book but I have been reading it for 3 years now. I just can't get all the way through. I pick it up and read a bit then put it down.
I read it because I was told it must be read, it is a classic. All good students of literature must read this, right?"

"I would prefer the game over the book because Dante in the book seems like a wimp almost every single seconds in Hell. In the game, he be destroying everything and it makes him more of a man. Even though the book and the game are some part are different but it's almost the same as each other. They both want Beatrice and they have to go through hell."

"It took me four and a half years to finish this book. It was that slow."

"'Comedy' was considered a 'low' art form and he was one of the first to use it when treating spiritual matters."

"I had heard a lot about Dante and his masterpiece,but when finally read that about approximately 7 years ago ,it didn't make me pleasure,I was disappointed!"

"Awesome book if you can tolerate looking up his 16th century references every 10 seconds."

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