Saturday, July 9, 2011

Franz Kafka - The Metamorphosis II

"Very interesting book about the fall of capitalism and rise of communism in the Czech Republic. Also the story of a huge caterpillar walking through a house."

"Excuse me, but, EUWWWWW!"

"I hate Kafka. He uses words I have to look up in a dictionary and still don't understand."

"Nothing - nothing - has been able to grant me so much as a shred of respect for this piece. I found the plot pointless, the explanations overdone, the writing style tedious, and the conclusion completely ridiculous. It seemed as if ninety percent of the piece was Kafka over-explaining every single unimportant detail and throughout the remaining ten percent he was desperately grappling for some way to end this nonsensical rant. Kafka takes over six pages (in twelve-point Times New Roman font, justified, with one-inch margins and single spacing) to simply get the protagonist out of bed. Giant cockroach or not, that is completely unacceptable. Do not waste your time with this ridiculous garbage."

"the other reason I forgot to list is I hate German writers (or rather their writing) like I hate The Metamorphosis, I hate Kafka."

"I honestly hate Kafka.Such a stupid man had to live here in Prague and write'so important and great'novels.I don't get it."

"i hate this boook sooo much! my english teacher is relating everything possible to it. and i cant relate cuz guess what? i didnt even get past the 20th page.... it was that boring."

"Oh my god... I hate Kafka. Metamorphosis was the WORST book I have ever read!!! Had to bleach the memory portion of my brain afterwards, in hopes of forgetting that damn book!!! ARGH!!"

"I just don't understand what makes a person write something as incredibly messed-up as Metamorphosis.... its like he copied a dream he had word-for word... thats the only explanation. Either that or he got drunk one night.."

"If I had a timemachine, going back and making sure he's never born would be one of the first things I'd do. And I'd probably do him a favor doing it. Kafka must have been like a real-world version of Marvin the Robot from the Hitchhiker's Guide in his sheer ability to spread depression, boredom and misery."

"I hate Kafka ... Actually, never heard of him, but I generally dislike 'heady' things."

"by teh way i hate Kafka"

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