Monday, July 25, 2011

Karl Marx - The Communist Manifesto II

"This is Satan's plan pure and simple ... If negative ratings were available, I would give it five negative stars."

"Marx's lack of understanding of human nature borders on the ridiculous..."

"A must read... to find out what NOT to do!"

"Marx didn't understand human nature. He didn't know that we are all motivated by self-interest."

"As Mugatu said about Zoolander when he points out that all of the latter's 'looks' are actually the same: 'I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!' It makes little rational sense."

"Marx's understanding of human nature was faulty."

"I was not pleased with this book. The author is clearly not accord with the christian church."

"Like it or not, human nature says, 'Me first!'. That's the real world. People are selfish. Deal with it."

"I like the set up for economics but communism is to easily taken over by doctoral means by taking over the structure of the state that was meant to enslave in the first place."

"Eventually socialism crumbles because it stands contrary to the real world, contrary to truth and contrary to human nature ... Marx and Lenin and the other progressive know-it-all's who didn't understand how human nature works in the real world."

"Ragings of a communist lunatic. Small wonder Obama sought out followers of this crap."

"I still don't agree with your theory of government, sirs. It doesn't seem to take into account the psychological realities of human beings."

"I feel that the whole basis of the book is pride, pride against the rich, pride against anyone who is better than you."

"The application of Marxism never works, and can't work, because of the realities of human nature."

"As a debate coach, this book really annoyed me."

"The biggest problem with it is that it flies in the face of human nature, much like Christianity."

"Though the price is very good, communist philosophy has been proved failed again and agin throughout the history. It's sad that so many people nowadays try to change this nation into communist or socialism ( same role, just different name) not really knowing the truth, just based on some political ideology that human history had repeatedly proved to be failed. In fact communism is the worst political system that ever presented on earth ... If USA turned into communism, the power will shift to only those who hate the existing American system. They secretly controlling medias ( I already see it happened ) and brainwashing the youth with distorted facts in textbooks last 20 years. They keep change their names, their activity, and theory. Why? if they openly speak up, they know they will fail because any normal mind people will see the deception and its perversion. Look at these behind scenes of the head members. They are not normal mind, full of hatred, and causing always divisions, manipulations."

"Marx's understanding of human nature was faulty."

"Someone wisely said 'know your enemy.' That's my only reason for reading The Communest Manifesto by Good ole Crazty Karl."

"For an alcoholic wife abuser, Karl Marx didn't understand one hell of a lot about human nature."

"This book exposes Marx's ideology, one of the major, influential recent thinkers, next to Darwin and Hitler."

"I feel like a lot of this manifesto ignores human nature."

"Only an 'intellectual' can believe this garbage
Let's look at the results: over 100,000,000 killed and countless imprisoned, and an ideology for the Democratic Party ... Let's face facts, communism is for people who do not want to work or contribute anything to society, but only want to engage in their selfish, hedonistic lives. Get real!"

"The idea of perfect equality between men seems so righteous, even obvious.

This idea is wrong because it's just impossible."

"One reason Marx is difficult to understand is that he didn't understand the people
he toyed with with his grand schemes."

"I am not swayed by Marx's historical perspective, nor am I swayed by his prescription for how to solve what I believe to be an overblown, if not altogether nonexistent, problem"

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  1. Alcoholic wife abusers are generally considered to have a strong understanding of human nature, so it is surprising that Marx does not.