Friday, July 22, 2011

Friedrich Nietzsche - Twilight of the Idols

"I food myself chuckling and thinking, 'is this guy for REAL?'"

"Reading his work is about as exciting as watching paint dry and he comes off personality wise as way too anal retentive, dogmatic to his own worldview and humorless. He reminds me of the current wave of militant atheists. Dogmatic atheism is the trendy new system created religion in case you haven't noticed."

"Of course, his ideas are an incoherent mess and completely completely wrong."

"I tend to hate what I can't understand."

"i always mis-write this as 'twilight of the gods' and after reading it i can't see why he didn't call it that to begin with."

"doesn't anyone think it peculiar his style resembles that of a conspiracy theorist warning us of the perils of the illumati and the freemasons."

"And people don't just 'go' crazy, right? If he was crazy the year after he wrote this, can't you be safe in saying he was mostly crazy already?"

"Is this really ‘philosophy’?"

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