Saturday, July 23, 2011

Karl Marx - The Communist Manifesto

"Communism is a good idea in theory."

"A BBC poll a couple of years ago ranked Marx as the greatest philosopher to ever live. He wasn't a philosopher and he wasn't great. He wasn't even good. This tells me that people are idiots ... History = class struggles? Does any historian believe that? Is any philosopher a German Idealist Hegelian?"

"communism is a good theory."

"This is bullshit!! Everybody says Karl Marx is the best but the reality is.... shit.Believe it or not I worked for someone who believed in Marx and end up as a f...g conservative. This is the reality, not ' The Communist Manifesto'."

"Communism IS a good theory."

"More Evil hate and Murder has resulted from this book than any other ever written ... China will rule the next 100 years, they tried to follow Marx and it failed, now they are following Ayn Rand and flourishing. America unfortunately is moving in the opposite direction."

"Communism is a good idea in theory but won't ever work in practice."

"Something I couldn't understand while reading the Manifesto is how this was ever taken seriously here in America. He speaks about the inevitable class-warfare which must take place and how the proletariat must be victorious, but here in America we've never had a serious problem with classism."

"Communism is a good idea 'in theory'. It's just NOT a good idea in practice."

"It felt like one big letter to the editor about all the evils of the world. We know that things aren't great. Get in line if you wanna file a complaint. You don't need to publish a book detailing the failings of the modern age."

"I think communism is a good idea in theory, but won't work in practice."

"This book can be summed up in one word: boring. But that's just my opinion. I didn't get this book at all. Yeah it's about socialism, Marxism, the bourgeoisie, and stuff, but it's just too confusing to comprehend. In the copy I had, the Introduction was way too boring as well. If I had a choice in reading this book, I wouldn't even go near it at all."

"I think communism is a good idea in theory, but won't work in practice. The main problem as I see it is that the "State" decides everything, but the "State" is actually a few people. If these people get to decide everything, it means too much power is concentrated in their hands, and as we know power corrupts. The way our elected rulers act is bad enough, how bad would they be if they were as powerful as they would be in a communist society?

I'm also not convinced by the idea of everyone being equal. Apart from the fact that not everyone will be "equal" (as some will be in charge) surely there has to be a distinction between, say, a neurosurgeon and the person behind the counter in McDonalds? Admittedly our current system allows some people to be paid way over the odds (eg. footballers) but they are only really paid what their employers deem them to be worth. Is it really the State's job to decide their pay?"

"Srsly, tho, the world and it's economy has changed so much that I don't see this little booklet as being particularly relevant any more. Kinda like the Bible...."

"Communism is a good idea in theory. The idea that everyone is equal has always been captivating. Does it work in real life though? No."

"I don't really want to make much of a comment on this book because I really didn't like it and I didn't get it. I thought it was stuffy and old and completely boring with hardley a good idea in it at all."

"In theory, communism is a good idea... in theory."

"I had to read, re-read, and re-re-read the same sentences over and over. Four pages into it, I had had enough and threw in the towel."

"Communism is a good idea- in theory."

"This books is garbage. I mean It's good, but it's just another man angry because you have something he doesn't and he feels that he deserves it.
Ah, why communism fails."

"It's a great concept in theory, but never works in practice."

"One thing I learned from this book is how illiterate and stupid (obviously) Hitler was....."

"I think communism is a good theory. The police will be here shortly :)."

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