Friday, July 15, 2011

Murasaki Shikibu - The Tale of Genji

"So I finally finished The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu and I would just like you to all know that I HATED it."

"This is the first novel ever written, supposedly, and it shows."

"Oh yes, I totally want to read about all the affairs Genji, the 'shining' prince, had with dozens of other women. Not to mention most of these women looked like his mother in some way or another. (Freud would be esctatic.) One of these women wasn't even a woman at all, but a small child he pretty much abducted. Of course, this young girl looked like his mother ... thankfully we were only forced to read the abridged version."

"Granted, I gave up somewhere in chapter 2, but for a good reason, I believe ... I won't even say the book is altogether without merit, and maybe one day when I have patience I will try to make it to page 57 and beyond, but right now I have no desire for a nearly silly yet appalling romance."

"genji is the wimpiest, rapiest protagonist ever. he is literally so mind-crushingly whiny, childish and just plain unlikeable that in my opinion, he ruins what is otherwise a pretty compelling story."

"This book was boring and all I got from it was that mr.Genji was a male whore. The whole book he is having sex with whatever girl opens her legs for him. I do not reccomend this to anyone. Plus, you have to like Haikus in order to even mildly enjoy this."

"Okay if you like the sort of primitive, crappy storytelling that existed before the art of literature really developed. Reading Genji is like taking a ride on lumpy stone wheels instead of Michelin tires."

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