Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sophocles - Oedipus Rex II

"I believe Sophocles' main purpose of writing this play was to teach us that we can not change fate. When I think of fate, I think off the word outcome. I ask myself: What will happen next in my life? Or how will this decision affect my outcome in life? One thing I know is that we can not change what God has set aside for our lives. Oedipus could not change the fact that he killed his father and married his mother. As much as Oedipus wanted to think that he didn't kill his father, Laius, he couldn't change that he did. God has a plan for our life and as much as we might want to change something that happened in the past, we can't. This is why we have the choice to make the right decision or the wrong decision. I guarantee if we make the right decisions we will have fewer consequences that affect us in the future. Oedipus could not change the outcome of his sin. I believe this is the main point Sophocles was trying to teach us throughout the play."

"Greek? Please!! The quality of the book itself is fine, but the story is terrible. Don't even try to read it"

"I thought that it was really weird that he killed his father so he could marry his mother, I didn't think that things like that happened way back then."

"The book is very hard to understand, you can't skip a few pages and keep going because you will be lost. You have to be devoted to read it, you have to read each page carefully and examine every sentence to find out what the true meaning is. What turned me off to this book was the incest, its not my thing. I'm not into that stuff"

"I would never read this book unless i had to again. Just for the fact that I hate to read."

"This book was very boring to me. It was kind of hard to understand.... The part when they where having sex with their family was very nasty. I hope that i would not have to ever read anything else about this book. Because it was not interesting at all. It did not get any of my attention. The book of Oedipus, which I did not like at all."

"This whole book was about incest! There was almost nothng else in the book. Everyone is related to everbody else in some way. Im not in to all that stuff. I think Sophocles went a little too far. I understand that incest went on back then but give me a break! The story was a litte too far out there."

"The language used in this book is hundreds of years old and is not relevant to how speak today. The way this story is told makes it unbearable to get through and hard to understand. I'm not saying its that bad of a story, but there is no reason to read a book the way it was written in ancient Greece."

"We know as the reader so much more then what the actors knew that it is hard to go and relate you just keep asking yourself why?"

"Like I said in the beginning, the book was a good read you just have to realize that the author was apparently incapable of putting some real thought into it. Also the portrayal of the Gods was unforgivable. I mean really since when does a greek god interfere with the lives of mortals to give a pointless warning?"

"Oedipus Rex is bad. The book reminds me of drinking rancid milk. First off, there was far too much incest in the book, no one likes to hear about incest. Also, the book is incredibly unbelievable. Yeah, I'm sure that the Sphinx really told a riddle, and if you got it wrong, he ate you. I am sure that is 100% historically accurate. Don't even get me started on this blind guy 'seeing' the future. Sounds like a ...Miss Cleo to me. Jocasta did the only realistic thing in the entire book..."

"It was boring because it was not in modern language. In order to follow the story, I had to keep stopping myself and take time out to understand the 'code' of words. While I was taking time to understand I had already forgot what I was reading in the first place."

"Prose isn't very inspiring, we all know the story so most of its intended emotional impact is lost."


"well, it was better than the iliad, but that's like saying, 'i sure like being constipated vs. having diarrhea!'"


"This review refers to the W.B. Yeats translation."


"The deal-breaker for me, however, was the fact that the play is not only summarized on the back cover, but specific details to the plot are revealed, robbing the story of any surprise at all for the first-time reader."


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