Friday, May 20, 2011

Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet V

"At the age of THIRTEEN, Romeo, after complaining about his lovesick relationship with Roselind ... Now, Romeo, an 8th grader, jumps from one girl to the next. Plus, through the whole story he's ALWAYS crying and whining about how he hates his life, instead of actually doing something. What a man. If I was a girl wanting a MAN, I wouldn't ask God for Romeo, the antithesis of a MAN"

"This was actually more vulgar than I thought it was going to be. If you were planning on acting this out with stuffed animals, this is not the play to do that, other than the sword fights."

"Maybe I'd feel more depth in this if Romeo and Juliet were mature, responsible adults. But the fact is that they're not, and I have no sympathy for a little 13-year-old girl"

"Yes, like many others, I was put off by the emo teenager who instantly falls in love with the beautiful girl and kills himself for someone he knows about as well as the Tim Hortons guy I say hi to every morning as he pours me my Earl Grey"

"I sure wish Shakespeare didnt poison his books with nasty things."

"Romeo is in love with Rosaline and just all of the sudden is in love with Juliet? I don't believe that. I don't think he actually loved Juliet, and maybe not even Rosaline. He did what a lot of men do; see pretty girl, kiss pretty girl, try to get pretty girl into bed. I don't think the two of them actually had a meaningful conversation about their likes and dislikes"

"I keep on finding myself mocking Romeo (Ro-emo :)). The guy literally reacts to everything with suicide."

"And now we present ROMEO AND JULIET with Jackson Porter.

Romeo and Juliet, ah the most beautiful love story of all time....

WHOA! STOP THE TRAIN RIDE THEIR, G! This was bizarre. I take it to mind that it was written in like, what, 1611?, and by boring old Shakespeare, but, that's no excuse for this weird stuff in it. The whole story takes place in four days (get me to believe that and I'll give you a hundred dollars).
I don't get why we need to read this. It was pretty much a waste of my time.

Jackson out!"

"Wha, wha, wha. Get over yourselves! A classic, perhaps, but I have no patience for lovesick teenagers (more specifically, for teenagers in general.) It bothers me that Shakespeare relies so heavily on the timing element. I sit there sweating, lamenting the fact that, were it not for a few minutes more, the outcome would be far less tragic."

"The book is written in a 'old time' way. I thought that the point of there love is stupid, two people that just want to be together just suicide. What I have learned in life is that suiciding don't solve any problems. I don't get why people say it was good, because to me, I've have read better love stories."

"Sometimes the book bored me a little because it was kind of boring. Whenever Romeo would profess his love for Juliet, I didn't like it because it was very long and boring."

"As much as I am easily swayed by Old English, and fancy rhymes, this story still didn't do it for me. Every now and then I would get sucked in it and embrace a few lines, and some moments. But, really the whole plot was unrealistic, and the characters were over dramatic. I understand that this was made in an era where entertainment was just starting to bloom, but that should not be an excuse. Romeo [age, who really knows?] is a weak, romance-hungry, hippo-critical, emo, sucker who just broke up with his girlfriend Rosaline and rebounds onto Juliet. Juliet [age 14] is an easy ho, who fell in love in a day because of Romeo's good looks, and flattering words [GAME]; she has no clue about Romeo's very recent ex-GF Rosaline. The two [R&J] knew each other for less than a day, talk for a few hours, then decide to get married. Juliet's dad [Capulet:] is a total stiff, douche bag who dominates his wife and anything that passes his way. Mercutio was the only character with character. Tybalt was a childish, fool. Benvolio is just a character who takes up some time and dialogue. The nurse, and the friar were the only people who had some common sense, and true human feelings who actually get screwed over the most. Paris is some dude in the end to add a bit more drama to this 1590s theatre novella; He's supposed to be Mr. Perfect-in-every-way and is set up to marry Juliet by her parents. Sadly, Paris actually thinks he loves the ever-so-beautiful-yet-naive Juliet. Romeo's pop [Montague:] is a total moron who thinks he can make everything better by making a golden statue of Juliet after she and Romeo die [remind me how many people died again? anyway.:], because a golden Juliet makes for sunshiny rays of happiness. It's a story that is similar to today's highschool dramas of life; being naive, with hormones raging, so called 'puppy love.' STUPID. It's no wonder this story is all the rage with highschoolers. I too was suckered into this book in highschool; read it again as an adult and you'll beg plead to differ."

"This book was NOT funny, and the sex scene wasn't clear"

"I found Romeo and Juliet to be enlessly obnoxious and pretentious. The whole play was meant for me to be emotionally involved in these characters, but I never really cared about anything that happened to them ... People say this is the greatest love story ever written, but modern love stories have dealt with the exact same themes that Romeo and Juliet did. Didn't Twilight have these thems of love, free will, fate, temptation, death, and even God?"

"It didn't seem like a romance play to me. I believe it is more of an Anti-war play."

"Regardless of its advanced language, the consept is clearly stated. It revolves around a very important issue, which people lack to recognize. Assumptions. Assumptions is what lead many of the characters to do what they do. Romeo kills himself because he assumes that Juliet is dead. If he hadn't assumed, then this event would have not taken place."

"The story of Romeo and Juliet has always been one of hate for me. I didn't like the fact that Romeo was lamented his love for one girl and then in the next minute he would be enamored with a different girl. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that most of Shakespeare's plays are kind of like this."

"I didn't feel any sympathy at all for these people. They were too stupid for pity."

"I think that it was amazing because I just read that Anne Frank and her family was hiding behind the bookshelf and the people who was looking for them that they never did and the Jews was trying to move to another state because Hitler was trying to kill them because Hitler never liked them when he was a little boy like his father did and before his father died."

"It was just a little to much imagination, personally."

"This is trash. I generously rated it 2 stars because it's somewhat 'well-written'. I expected it would be good, because, as we all know, it's Shakespeare, and everyone loves him. And it's Romeo and Juliet, it's a classic. As it turned out, the plot is completely pointless and insane and left me firmly convinced that William Shakespeare was on crack."

"Yes, that's it, the story of two teens meant for each other in a 'star crossed' destiny. Eventually they both die, and the story ends. Not so interesting to me, although then again I'm not one to find myself interested in classical literature like this, or any work by Shakespeare."

"Hate: Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is a whiny idiot. He's head-over-heels for Rosaline and can't possibly even THINK of loving anyone else ever, yet 3 days later is killing himself for Juliet. Juliet is hella young, and a petulant teenager who'll do anything to annoy her parents, including dating their mortal enemy. Gross. I'm not a fan of love at first sight (it's BS, IMO) and am even less a fan of teenagers doing massively crazy, life-altering things (e.g. suicide) for teenage infatuation.

Whoever decided that this was a model for love is a moron"

"I'm finding Shakespeare's plays seriously disappointing, chockfull of whiny brats who need a good slapping. It's a shame his poetic skill is wasted on such drivel."


"What I always have considered to be one of the the worst love stories (or one of the worst stories in general) was changed in my view after I read it... for the worse. I dislike Shakespeare, and I dislike poetry, so either way this is a lose lose situation. 'But', you may say, 'You're a theatre kid. You're supposed to LIKE Shakespeare!' I find that to be stereotypical.
Shakespeare is too wordy. Why can't you just say what you mean (and only say it once, Shakespeare is very repetitive)? It may be a classic, but this classic needs to be replaced.
This is a whiny and depressing piece of literature in which the hero is more feminine than the heroine.
Don't read unless you're a Twilight fan."

"I understand that Shakespeare was a romantic guy but I wonder if he even factored in the realistic part of life..."

"What flighty young girl, though a voracious reader, wants to read Shakespeare her first year in high school? There are too many new cute boys to look at!"

"Altogether I thought that their parents erecting golden statues of them was kinda lame. Made them something to look up to instead of telling people that they where wrong and they should never get the idea that what they did was ok."

"I don't know why its considered the best love story of all time because I kind of thought it was crap."

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