Friday, May 20, 2011

Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet VI

"I didn't actually read the whole story. I tried to read the paperback. Then I went to SparkNotes and couldn't get through that either. So, I sat down and watched the movie hoping the Leo could add something to this storyline. I managed tough it out, and ended up wondering why ANYONE would compare a romance novel to this... thing. It's certainly something you shouldn't read for leisure, but for school or something. Otherwise it's very unentertaining."

"I don't believe dat love have such powers and it has no full meaning for a reality show, to me it sounded more like a poks. But i enjoyed reading the book and it gave me a strong feeling about life. Romeo died for love without any regard for what lies ahead. I put this qus to any one who has feelings for this book would u die for a girl\boy u love so much if u really don't trust that person?"

"Shakespeare is Shakespeare. Honestly, I kind of feel like if you've read one you've read them all, but I suppose if you're going to read just one this is probably where you should start. I've read maybe half of his extant works, and I'm done."

"bah! i hated this! couldn't understand much of it, which is sad since i speak english. dumb metaphors!"

"Not Shakespeare's best work, in my opinion. I much prefer his dramas"

"what i dont like is Death because love !!!! Love is eternal , love is a supreme force.."

"His works were never directed for kids, so kids shouldn't read it."


"I only liked Paris"

"This book was ok, I dont like to read older books."


"It was 'blah' and hint of 'meh'."

"All I have to say is this: it's overdone, and I'm tired."

"Does everything they say HAVE to be poetry?"

"Kind of confuzzled on this one"

"What a crock of archaic sheep-dung!"

"'What light through yonder window breaks?'

'Oh, it's totally you Romeo!!' ;D

LOL, i made the second one up!!! ;p

*Clears throat*

This book was really good. (:

William Shakespeare has a way of defining love...a type of love that is undefinable...

Well...of course we all know the true love by this point, right??

GOD's love. :)"

"I don't see the point in reading this story except to promote cultural literacy (in which case, a plot summary would suffice)."

"Horny, whiny teenagers annoy me a cynic, but I find Juliet to be a child and Romeo to be a wishy washy, whining wimp."

"My mom made me read it. Because they do in America. I thought the ending was so ridiculously morbid I rewrote it. I swear. Eleven syllables per line, because my mother failed to accurately explain the principle of the iamb."

"Shakespeare: Even more pretentious now than he was 500 years ago. I'd wish he'd die and stop coming out with books but that would be like asking for Tupac to kick it, if you know what I mean."

"Romeo, Romeo.... of all Shakespeare's plays this one is over done. Read Twelfth Night or Titus and Adronicus instead!"

"Ah Shakespeare--how doth we judge thee--let me count the ways. Do we look at Shakespeare in total, or do we put on our 21st century glasses and fiddle with the pieces? Actually, Shakespeare was rather fun, albeit lengthy and tedious.
Shakespeare was a writer."

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