Thursday, May 26, 2011

R. L. Stevenson - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

"Here's what you need to know: Dr Jekyll IS Mr. Hyde. I've now saved you an afternoon."

"piece of ccrrrrraaaaaaaaapppppp"

"I read the first story of the book 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' and with all the recommendation I got I thought I will have some fun times with a classic mystery, but didn't like it one bit! I donno if it was cuz I was told of the story before hand *rolling eyes* or that on page 11 I guessed the rest of it all by myself! But whatever it was .. it was a complete torture to get through! The writing was so incoherent and he went on babbling about so many stuff before realizing why he even bothered to talked about it at all!"

"Completely overrated and boring. The guy barely kills anyone. It may have been controversial in Victorian England but now it shows its age."

"Sooo very boring. A LOT less interesting than I thought it would be, it has almost no action whatsoever in it."

"Boring, with little excitement. It didn't help that I already knew the main point of the story. Could be a ton deeper in regards to the science and characters...not very impressed."

"I don't think it should be a classic but you know i understand from this time period that this was made that it would be pretty good but i mean come on, by today's standards its not very good at all and it doesn't make me think."

"I give this book 2 out of 5 because Dr. Jekyll clearly made the mistake that no scientist would like to make in their entire scientific life. He used his knowledge for bad reasons which resulted in hurting people."

"This was one of the biggest disappointments i have discovered so far when it comes to reading. Though I must confess that with a more vivid vocabulary i might have concluded differently."

"The story is related in past tense, not in medias rei, in the middle of the action, which diminishes the momentum of the story."

"I suppose back in the day it would have been this amazing story, but even if you weren’t familiar with the events it seems like it would be really hard to not figure out what was going on. Then again, the mystery genre wasn’t even around then, so it’s not like people had read things like this before."

"You have to pay attention to tell who is who and where they are."

"It had some scary parts in it, if there is a movie of this out there, I will not watch it!"

"Every time I think about this book I feel anger welling up. I liked the story and the style, but I've got lots of trouble with the subject. It's a story about a man who wants to be able to do evil without ever being held accountable for it. Some might say, it's about a man who truly wishes to do only good, but I just can't see it that way. I see more humanity in trying to deal with one's shortcomings than in finding ways to push them on someone else."

"Hmm I wasn't really impressed with this. It was very short for one thing. I don't know what to say realkly- it really wasn't what I was expecting. RLS didn't go into detail and explain all the different levels of his transformation or even chemistry setting (I am a big chemistry geek - so a little test tube descriptoin wouldn't have been asking to much would it?)
It could have been so much better."

"What exactly was Stevenson trying to say I'm not quite sure"

"The sotry is nothing like pop culture portrays. The monster is a small man, not a huge giant. I read it for the cultural experience. I wouldn't read it again."

"I definatly prefer the Broadway version. At least in that one he's doing it to help someone else."

"-For one thing, I got confused between the characters (Utterson, Lanyon, Enfield-like, who's who?!)
-And for another--and this may make me sound like a classics weakling--but basically, it was just words to me. I didn't really understand it too well...not trying to sound dumb or anything."

"I liked the music from the Broadway musical better. ;)"


"Glad this one was short. Started a little slow, picked up quite a bit in the middle, and then just screeched to a halt in the last quarter.

Of course, I never feel good about critiquing a book written 100+ years ago. The language, tone and style are just completely different than anything I read normally.

Oh yeah, and God Bless the Packers!


"Too much tellin', not enough showin'. Authors in Stevenson's day seem to have had something against things actually happening during the course of their stories, so the story only progresses by other characters talking about things they'd heard had happened, before. I guess that's why classic literature is usually considered so boring by modern standards..."

"I was hoping for a lot more. It pretty much sucks.The author would get his balls torn off it he workshopped this in a creative writing class. Inconsistent POV and imagery, facts don't seem to fit together. I hope his other stories don't suck this bad."

"I can't say I was impressed by this book. I was sort of disgusted of double-faced human natures.."

"i really did not like this book i was not cool"


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