Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mark Twain - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn III

"Sure, 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' is a literary classic. That doesn't mean that it's great. For the modern readers of today, this is boredom-inducing material."

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, is a dull book that is kept alive only by its strong moral lesson that contradicts the rights of slavery."

"made from toilet paper...
I would clean my hand after reading and I will never eat apple while reading it."

"Whatever you do do not read this book. It's long, it's really hard to read, and the story just flat out sucks. A lot of people say that this book is packed with meaning, BUT IT'S NOT. Mark Twain wrote a stupid story about a boy and a slave floating down the mississsippi. THAT SOUNDS REALLY INTERESTING!! Yea right. This book is a big waste of time, it should be out-lawed from our schools, because Twain likes to use the 'N' word a lot. This book in my opinion, should get the 'Turkey of the Century' award. A big book B-B-Q, should be devoted to all the copies in print."

"I dont really like this book because lets face it, it needs some more spice. Throughout the whole book it was just so plain and dull. Maybe this book appealled to other people hundreds of years ago, but not now!"

"This book can be writen in 50 pages NOT 200. Thats a waste of 150. At one point maybe it was a great book. But hell, now its a waste of time. And why read the book when the movie is out?"

"The basic scheme of the book is Huck runs away with a slave and they pretty much do nothing exciting the entire book with a dumb ending. It reminds me of most classics."

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was an extremely plotless, racist book relating the adventures of the rather tedious, annoying character of Huck Finn. Huck had recently left his hometown and went rafting down the MIssissippi with a slave, Jim. Huck is forever lying to and leaving Jim, in a fashion that made me wonder if he had ADD. The end of the novel, which had potential to make it better, made me hurl the book across the room, in a way certian to make any librarian weep.
I also found the dialects that Clemmins used extremely annoying. I had to sound out the words to myself to see what he was trying to relate.
If you want to read a book, any book, pick something, anything, else. Trust me on this one."

"It's just a story about a stupid kid that runs away and that uses the 'n' word one too many times."


"I would like to sanction a zero star rating
Or maybe -5. This book should have never saw print, much less read and loved by generations of Anerican readers. That goes to show how stupid Americans can be. Nor should it be regarded as the novel that inspired all other American novels. Nor should anybody be impressed by the seven or eight dialects employed within the novel's structure, which the fool author made up to fool us into believing people actually talked like that. The story is a couple of people floating down a river, with a number of utterly unsuccessful scenes meant to enhance and define a theme so obvious its not even worth mentioning. Then there is the structure of scenes themselves. Each uniformly the same in length and what occurs except the last where in the scene drags on and on and on and on. Then to top it all off at the end Hucleberry Fin regresses. This is worthless. Anybody who likes this novel is stupid. They have no linguistic intelligence or even logical intelligence. And yes you all should read Dean Koontz who is a better writer than Samuel Clemens ever dreamed of being. He will be our Shakespeare, never Mark Twain. I will come back from the dead to stop that from occuring. This is the worst, well known, book ever written so far as I know in this language"

"I read this book in 10th grade and it was so boring. I understood it but it was not interesting. I mean what is so wonderful about a crude and disgusting boy who needs a bath and a brain. Though i did find something postitve about it... it can be used against the enemy in a time of war!"

"I am told this novel is an American classic. Well, I wonder why I should have to read it then, not only am I Canadian, I also have more interest, being a teenager, in the present."

"Who the hell is this Mark Twain character?! Simply put: What a lousy novel! Maybe this was his first novel...I don't know. Anyways, I sure hope he doesn't plan on writing anything else. I read this book, initially, in the author's native bulgarian language...and it was even worse! The translator was probably trying to do us a favor by touching up this P.O.S. novel, but I think it would take an act of God to save this text... "

"WEll, what comes to mind when reading Huckleberry Finn at first was superstitious. As I fisrt opened up the book I was so so curious about reading the novel because it had so many interesting things that appeared on the front cover of the book. The cover of the book seemed to be a catching title so I decided to read the book and check it out becausse mostly all my friends have read this book and asked them what the book was about they said it was a cool book so now I decided to read it.

The first chapter was interesting it was about Mark he found six thousand dollars a piece in a cave and he gave the money to judge Thatcher and so the judge gave him back n his friend a dollar piece everyday for interest. Tom and his friend seemed trouble for towards this. Tom and Mark seemed to be very enthusiastic about hanging around together.

I thought the first few chapters were very catching and appealing towards others. But as I kept at it reading the book I found a lot bias surrounding the book. I couldn't believe this there was so much hate and foul language in the book. My thoughts towards the book began to dread away.A book title can describe a thousand words but when siting down and reading the book I found that the book was totaly out of my league to read I was so astonished by the language that was being used and expressed at others. I hope that I will never ever find a book this upseting and full of rubbish language."

"Ultimately, this book was a massive waste of my time and brain cells."


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