Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet

"Classic, I suppose."

"This book has a stupid plot with stupid characters."

"Shakespeare is an amazing writer, but society epitomizes this play to too far a standard."

"Shakespeare is so overrated."

"I dont like this book so much because i hardly read and when I do its mainly sports."

"I hope you NEVER have to go through reading this. Sad thing is you probably will....Hated it!"

"BOLOGNA! I am sick of this story and never again wish to read it ever. I am not even kissing this dreadful story goodbye, I am pushing it out my front door and throwing its shoes along with it."

"I can't believe that people use to talk like that back then.
I have to say, as I read more of the book and tried my best translated Shakespeare’s words into my own; it wasn’t as hard to understand. But I don’t find Romeo and Juliet to be such a grate book. But then again it’s not a book, it’s a play.
First off there was too much poems. It like, watching a movie that have singing every five min. Too many things are dun behind the stage. Like fights, the wedding….. I don’t think it was a good idea to make it into a book."

"I didn't like this book because it was all about them two finding love. Also it could have been better by making it more intresting."

"I still have a problem with Juliet. And now I have a problem with Romeo. I find them both to be too whiny to fit into the Shakespeareal archtype of tragic hero/heroine."

"it's not a book, it's a play, and any teacher who makes you read it in school alone, as a book, is a douche. Because first off, it's not meant to be read that way, it's mean to be performed. Or at least read out loud by a few different people.
The reason I didn't like it, is because of the shakespearian talk. I like to read things that actually make sense"

"sometimes you just wanna yeLL 'JULIET! YOU MOTHER FUCKING RETARDED ASS GIRL!'"

"he sucks to be quite frank every single one of his plays don't really make a lot of sense and some of the stuff that happens in said plays make no fricking sense
Ex 1: Romeo and Juliet see each other 1 i repeat 1 time and suddenly they are willing to die for each other and cause a massive war of families ... In the end, Mr. William is one of the most overated writers around and hell a nice chunk of people don't even think he really wrote half of his plays"

"I strongly disagreed with the message portrayed in the play Romeo and Juliet. I strongly pitied a large percentage of the characters but not the specific characters that the author ended the reader to pity. In my personal opinion Shakespeare was more concerned with making a scene than actually creating an accurate image of humanity.

It is my personal opinion that the true vicim in the story 'Romeo or Juliet' was neither Romeo nor Juliet but Paris. Romeo did in fact die in this tale, as did Juliet, but these characters had the chance to die in love. Paris lived alone.

Paris was also an often forgotten character. His role in this story should have been a much larger one. Romeo and Juliet were two over dramatic children who did not fully understand what was best for either of them. It ended in death. They disrespected there parents and elders and paid the price for this.

Shakespeare wrote a story that has become quite popular but I still strongly dislike this play."

"In general, he's severely overrated. Yes, his influence is considerable, there is no doubt of that. But literature has evolved a lot since Shakespeare, and an inordinate amount of time is spent with his material as compared to more relevant texts."

"Juliet is naive, silly, and incredibly annoying. She is supposed to be pure and determined, but all I see is a flirtatious girl with little ambition or drive except to be with her true love.

All Romeo could do was spout useless verses about Juliet's beauty. And all Juliet could do was respond to the mutual affection."

"i didn't actually 'read' this. sparknotes/movie? yaa."

"This is trash. I generously rated it 2 stars because it's somewhat 'well-written'. I expected it would be good, because, as we all know, it's Shakespeare, and everyone loves him. And it's Romeo and Juliet, it's a classic. As it turned out, the plot is completely pointless and insane and left me firmly convinced that William Shakespeare was on crack."

"This book is about the stupidity of two young (and when I say young, I mean it!) people who see eachother and think they are in love with eachother. Their infatuation with eachother drives them to come up with the dumb idea of feigning death and laying in a tomb, after Romeo kills his 'wife''s cousin. Juliet is a young stupid girl, who has no ambition and does nothing at all but complain and cry about how much her life sucks. Romeo is a sexist young man, who encourages Juliet to be a waste of space. Both feed on popular stereotypes. Juliet especially, is the worst role model possibly imaginable. She sends a bad message to girls, and Romeo, a bad message to guys. I am not saying I would not recommend this book to others, it is hilariously idiotic when you can riddle through all the gibberish writing. If you are looking for a good laugh and a chance to make fun of people because of 1) how much their miserable lives suck 2) how they react to their miserable lives sucking and 3) how they make their miserable lives suck, this book is for you."

"I only gave this four stars because I wanted to blow my brains out after reading it."

"i just dont like how they both ended up dying."

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