Friday, May 13, 2011

Oscar Wilde - The Importance of Being Earnest

"I suggest that no one else ever ever read this play."

"I wonder how old I need to be before I'll start enjoying comedies."

"Hated it! it might be a satyr and all but I did not like it."

"Sometimes I had to wonder about the stupidity of the personnages, I mean they act in such a stupid mannor."

"I read this on my 100 classic book collection for Nintedo DS because it ranked ad 'the funniest book' well I'm sorry but I didn't laugh once."

"i used to call it 'the importance of being a liar'"

"To quote Monty Python" OH YES, PLEASE, DO GO ON "'oh it was extremely interesting. Very very, quite.. it was dull. dull, dull, dull, god it was dull!'

If you have to have someone explain the "nuances", then it's not well written (or interesting)."

"In other works, when characters are impossibly witty or erudite, we scoff at the writer's artificiality. In Wilde, we call it genius. Why?"

"Being a comedy, the play often awakens thoughtful laughter, or laughter that makes one think about important things, within the audience."

"After reading this I came up with the theory that Comedy cannot be timeless. Comedy always was and can only be commentary on contemporary society, or based on the basic and general knowledge assessed up to that time."

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