Monday, May 2, 2011

Mark Twain - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

"One of the longest, most boring books in history."

"Like the musical Oklahoma, the book is simplistic."


"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. One of the reasons why I hate this book because its confusing just everything, coming all at once. I have to stop and be like 'Wait, what's happening here'? Also because of the hill billy like language too. Another reason why I hate it, is because its sad, I don't like that a lot of people die, to me its just slighty annoying about people keep dying, cause you can get also bored with it. The last reason why I hate this book is because its in a different time period, which is not that interesting to me. That it bores me to death. Overall, these are the reasons why I absoultely dislike ... The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. To start off, Huckleberry Finn is confusing because of the way he talk. An example would be 'Why, yes dats so; I-I'd done forgot it. A harem's a bo'd'n-house I reckin.' LIke that, you can't even make out the words. Another why its confusing is because everything goes from one way to the next. I don't understand what I'm reading half the time, and it annoys me that I'm reading a book that I don't understand clearly. To continue, another reason why I absouletly hate this book is because its pretty sad. I don't like that the fact that main characters keep dying. One after the other, you would probably assume in the next chapter, and the next chapter someone important is just going to end up dying. I don't like this book being that sad. I don't even read depressing, sad, books, so its the first time really ever reading anything like this. Lastly, I also hate this book because of the time period. Wow, the 1850's bores me to tears. I know reading old times is good to read sometimes, by learning about history is good to know, but its not something I would want to read in a heart beat. In conclusion, these are the main reasons why I truly disliked ... The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I hope I made it clear why I never liked it."

"unrealistic/illogical character motivations, hard-to-read language and slang, portrayal of race and race relations, boring, too much adventure, and many many more ... I sincerely don't understand why anyone would enjoy the experience of reading this book."

"The moral, be yourself and go where you like, almost encourages children to run away when the going gets tough. The overall childish storyline with Huck and Tom, made me feel like I was reading a children's book."

"I would not suggest this book to anyone it is extremely racist and boring for the first 5 chapters."

"My dislike for the book has nothing to do with Twain's actual writing- but I think I'm just too old for the spirit of it (Tom's intentional trouble-seeking behavior annoyed me, although that was obviously not the author's goal, nor the experience others have of it). Primarily though, I didn't like it b/c whether the language stays as is or changes as proposed, the racism is so deep and so shockingly offensive that I couldn't get past it (although I know it's a period piece and indicative of the attitudes at the time, etc, etc). My review: Profoundly dislike."


"Found my reaction this time around to be much like what I remember thinking back when I was 16: truly, I just do not understand this book's claim to a place in the American canon. I can see how reading it aloud to a seven-year old boy could be fun (Huck plays cops and robbers! Huck steals a raft! Huck dresses up as a most improbable girl!), but otherwise I don't get why adult readers would want to read such a silly episodic adventure story. I guess this just isn't my genre."

"P.S. The vulgar language is so obscene that I shuttered throughout the story."

"The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn is the book that I would have kept on my bookshelf to get old and dusty but I was forced to read it by my English teacher. Unfortunately I had to read it everyday! Write up chapter reviews on what new events and or characters from what happened the last few chapters. The book it’s self was thicker than an inch wide, so why would I would I bother to read it. While reading the book my eyes were glued stuck while my mind wondered off elsewhere.
Three hundred and five is the total amount of pages that are in this book. Forty-three chapters long is what almost completes it. Even after the forty third chapter Mark stopped with the numbers and started with phrases. Instead of saying chapter forty-four he said 'Chapter the Last', 'Afterwards' and so on. To me I felt as though he dragged the book on longer than it should have been."

"Maybe this book is really properly fantastic, but I will never know that, because every time when I think about Finn and Twain, I have an urge to vomit. Pardon me."

"I really didn't enjoy this book at all. It was very boring, and on top of that, I didn't like the fact that the 'N' word was repeated more than 200 times. From what I've learned about the author, I don't like him because he seems like a racist."

"Have you ever lived down south? Have you read a book called Huckleberry Finn? Well the reasons some people don’t like it is because the language is hard to understand, it has real old words and slang I never heard before like 'yellow' and 'nigger head.' It reminds people of the obvious, I can read a textbook on south life, and slavery, and know the same things and more. Finally the book is Ironic. The fact that Jim was free all along and trying to escape. Add all of these things together and you have a 2 out of 5 in a rating.

' You’ll have considerable trouble and considerable joy.' It’s easy to see to see that the old words from Huck Finn that takes away from the adventure in the book. You really can’t understand the language. It takes away from the story line.

'Today in channel 6 action news. The police have found a KKK hideout that were keeping African Americans as slaves.' ' Slavery is still very much alive' The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is so controversial because it touches on a topic that people already know. Everyone knows about slavery and about, and about the role that it played in the south. This book is just an unneeded reminder. Its doesn’t touch on anything new things.

'Ms.Watson she dead, and she set Jim free in her will.' The good part of Huckleberry Finn was that the plot was Ironic. Jim was trying to escape when he was free all along, that Huck thought he was going to hell for setting Jim free but he was actually doing the right thing. The need for the journey was just for Huck and Jim to grow and become more than what they were in the beginning.

With out a doubt Huck Finn is a So & So book. The bad parts are that it uses words and slang tat people have never heard of, and the fact that it is obvious and is touching on an issue that people already knows. But every cloud has a silver lining the same is for this book. Hey there are parts in this book that suck but the irony in this book makes it all better in the end. So next you leave here today imagine that you were Huck traveling thought the Mississippi and going threw all of the adventures that he went throught and write your own review."

"This book was horrid, with the only good part of it, which allowed it to get one star, being when Huck wanted to saw off Jim's leg. THAT was hilarious."

"In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain write like speaks."

"This book is sooooo boring and I do not get any of the English. I don't get how people back then could actually talk like that. And this book is about 300 pages long. I think that I will really really have a FUN time...I am being sarcastic, for your information!"

"This book was silly to me as a child. I thought Huck Finn was made to look Stupid. No one in my house is allowed to say this word (s_____). so I hesitate to be so blunt on such a classic. Lots of Respect to Mark Twain and the people who did enjoy this book."

"I enjoy reading about different time periods and people's lives. But this book uses racial language that made me so uncomfortable I just couldn't enjoy it."

"I had high hopes for this book... and ended up slapped in the face with confusing description and dialogue that's left me questioning my ignorance. Huckleberry Fin was just an average kid who really left me wondering whatever happened to him in the end. I COULDN'T UNDERSTAND IT. I had some clues that his dad abused him"


"This book is a joke. It does careen in the end an Twain had to bring in Sawyer to save it. Also, I can't believe students are STILL reading it in school regardless of the racial phrases that are used. This novel is a perfect example of why the canon should not exsist."

"Once upon a time, I could not get enough of Twain. Once upon a time, I could not get enough of the Hardy Boys."


  1. OMG, last few chapters involving Jim being captured and planning the escape are so tedious. Regret spending time on this "classic" - oh well, now I know.

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