Friday, May 27, 2011

R. L. Stevenson - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde II

"I found the book extremly hard to understand. It is written in an old english style and jumps around alot. It goes from describing a scene of one thing and then jumps to another topic completely. I thought this was an ok book for it's time but is too confusing for the modern day passive reader."

"The book was too slow for real enjoyment."

"A double personality everyone has, in which one should be chosen over the other. This seems as looking everything in black and white, when most of the things and people are grey. There is always the constant struggle of choosing whether the good or bad option which we know clearly, but a bad one amidst a million good does not convert you into your evil self. The book also portrays that once you turn evil; you cannot go back, which in a way I agree on since the guilt of the malicious things done would be a too great burden for an innocent person to live with. Still, being positive minded, I'd like to believe it's never too late to change, and that without the need of potions, only through determination, Jekyll could have found an inner strength to suppress his evil side and transform back into himself, which is what many people have proven to be able to do these days."

I found that the description of the setting was over used and i cannot understand how Jekyll suddenly can invent a potion that can turn him back and forth from Hyde!"

"A Slight Boring"

"I half way expected Hyde to be huge and beast-like similarly to the way he is seen in comic books and even movies. That part was disappointing. The fact that the book jumps from one perspective to the next and the story is simply retold from another point of view. It is simply not a good book. There is a lesson in this. If your wife tells you a book is bad and you burn the original chances are the second is going to stink just as bad."

"Not a classic.
Please, it is exagerated to think this book is a classic, such a opinion is too restrict and reflects a readers too simple meaning of life."

"This is one of the hardest and boring books in life! It deals with strict men of Science, for instance, Dr. Hastie Lanyon. This book, like the Invisible Man, is a novel that has WAY too many details and should be strictly enforced not to be read. Who wants to read a book about science-fiction and not to mention the cuss words on every page? Who likes minor details around every corner. But, I must admit, there are fabulous descriptions of the characters and them themselves are quite interesting! But, this book is not good."

A Kid's Review

This book was a MAJOR DISSAPOINTMENT. I would strongly advise AGAINST reading it. I thought it would be suspensful, or at least interesting, but sadly it was just a bad book.

The story holds no suspense--the explaination of Dr.Jekyll's antics is handed to you on a silver platter--no mystery, no surprise, just boredom. The author, in the beginning, gets the reader interested, but the ultimate piece in the whole mysterious puzzle is downright stupid.

The language was annoying, too. I respect that the book was written many years ago, but the way the characters rambled ON AND ON and never got to the point was downright obnoxious. I only read the book because I needed to for school. It was almost torture to read the constant whining and complaining of Dr. Jekyll, which, by the way, went on for 13 pages straight.

I was totally let down by the simplicity and stupidity of the book. A classic shmassic. It was a horrible, badly written book with a flimsy plot line. To any person who wants to read it simply because it's famous, they're in for a real shocker. And if anyone says it's a good book, three words: big fat lie."


"I did not like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because it took too long to get to the plot. There was a lot of talking, but did not go into full detail of how he became Mr. Hyde. The author would even go back in time to things that had nothing to do with the story line. When I think of Mr. Hyde, I think of more chase scenes and anger. I also think of more scenes of Dr. Jekyll in his laboratory. The ending was also kind of plain and boring; I like endings that give me closure or an ending that hints of a second book.
Older people who like old British novels would like this book because older novels were written in the same form. People who have a lot of time on their hands would like this book; it takes a long time to read it. People who read a lot and do not get bored by a slow book and do not fall asleep could read this book. British Literature majors would also like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because of the style of writing. If you get bored really easily and can fall asleep reading; then you should read this book."

"What is this?
So I am sixteen (writing this review under my Mom's account) and I have been trying to read this book, but i just cannot get past page 19. For me and maybe some others as well am having a hard time getting this book and no its not because I'm slow or do not read often (I love to read), but because i didn't have the patients to keep re-reading to understand what is going on in the book!"

"yet another uninteresting 'classic'...
We were always told in school to read the classics...and so, having embarked on an attempt to do this, I find it very uninspiring. Just as interesting as Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment, Stevenson's Jekyll and Hyde novel is both unexciting and a waste of time. Maybe the modern day media has dullened my senses, maybe I have become anaesthetized to the twists and turns of this timeless classic. Then again, maybe it is hugely overrated by literature readers who get their cues from the 1940's."


"Trying recently to read this book, I was struck by how terrible it is. Stevenson's non-fiction - mostly travel writings - is very well-written, but his fiction s*cks. THe story begins with a scene which is utterly false and impossible to picture: a scene of a man and a young girl running into eachother at a corner by accident, having been travelling perpendicular to one another. So they run into eachother, literally, at the corner. And the man, so the narrative goes, is not so much a man as a human juggernaut. He tramples calmly on the girl, headless of her screams. Now, physical interactions of this kind are chaotic. It would never come about that the girl collides with the man (Mr. Hyde) and then is trampled. If such an unlikely collision were to occur, the girl and the man would interact in a chaotic manner, with each being put off balance and spun around by the impact. The man would not be in a position to 'calmly trample' the young lady. This scene, which is supposed to be a cornerpiece of Hyde's brutality, is completely false and impossible to visualize. And could much better have been dramatized as Hyde being importuned by the girl and giving her a good sound thrashing."

"The worst book ever
HATE this book I love to read but this book was a bore and do
not read it I have never read a book as bad as this one and this book is also stupid it is a book you put down you will never pick up. And I was told I would love this book if you are ready to press the buy button for this book don't read Jeffery Archer insted"

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