Monday, May 16, 2011

Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet II

"You do not want to get me started on a rant about this play. However, I'll give a short list of why it's terrible.
1. Why the fizz bits are the montaques and capulets fighting to begin with?
2. Romeo is a wuss that mopes about his trouble with girls and does nothing about it. Also let's point out he poisons himself and Juliet stabs herself.
3. It's Romeos fault that mercutio the best character gets killed.
4. The whole premise of faking your death never makes sense, just run away.
5. At the end the parents are like 'oh, by the way we really didn't care if you married.'"

"In the book Romeo and Juliet, a Family Feud with two offspring from the family fell in love and were not aloud to see eachother. It didnt meet my expectations"

"He's pimping himself around the block while little miss romeo is doing what ever other girl is doing; fantacising about her romeo (haha). Then within five minutes of knowing each other they decide that they are perfect for each other? No. They weren't even alive long enough to get to really know each other. They went straight from honeymoon bed to death bed. Isn't that what every girl dreams of? They can't be together so they kill themselves? Dumb. If that happened in today's society then people would not romanticize it. Why are teenagers being taught this? if anything it should be used as a 'what not to do' book. I read this book for my freshman english class and though that it was so stupid."


"PA_THE_TIC! Seriously, these kids are pathetic. First of all, Romeo was just getting over a broken heart, so wouldn't that make Juliet his "rebound girl". Who marries their rebound girl? And they only knew each other for one evening before they decided to get hitched. These two need to learn how to control their whoremones. Throughout the story I'm just inwardly groaning and rolling my eyes, but when they both finally killed themselves.. I was kinda disappointed. I think the two idiots should have suffered a bot more (gosh I sound evil, but it was just pathetically annoying to have to read."

"this book is about a super dooper romantic couple that are in love but their love is forride bum bum bum. they secertly get married and try to run away. read the book and see what happens next."

"I could go on about the ridiculousness of this book for ages but you have anymore brain cells than these characters, you already get my point. And for those of you who AREN'T any smarter than Romeo and Juliet, I'll dumb it down for you. This book sucks."

"If I wanted to read about romance, I would have picked out a romantic novel"

"And number three, the chorus of the play said it was fate that Romeo and Juliet dies, but I don't think so. How can Romeo be so shallow and just fall in love with Juliet at first sight? To me, 'love' at first sight is such a strong word. When you are completely unaware of a person's background or culture or most important, personality, that means 'love' at first sight is based on a person's looks. If Romeo and Juliet are aware of each other's households, I'm sure at least Juliet wouldn't let something like this happen.

Oh and, did you know that during Shakespeare's time, women are not allowed to be actors so they need a little boy who's voice hadn't changed yet to play Juliet? Yeah I know, is crazy. Also, why are we studying Romeo and Juliet? I think we're studying so deep into this play that we are considering this William Shakespeare didn't even thought of."

"The most OVERRATED piece of literature EVER.

love at first sight?
more like on the rebound.

Although part of me wants to believe that the play may be good (since it was written to be a play, not to be read), I still see nothing amazing about it. Two dumb teenagers rebelling for "true love" (aka making out)

When we were about to read it in class I was SO excited to finally read it. I mean, come on, it's Romeo and Juliet for God's sake...
but no.
And yet, I continued trying to find something good about it.
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I HATE this play.
and what I hate even more is the fact that it seems like teenagers are being encouraged to run away and get married with the first guy/girl they meet. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

I think it's funny that people have tried to ban books with value because they're 'controversial', but nobody ever thinks of banning this one. Honestly, what's the moral here? Defy your parents for the guy you just met at a party and made out with?"

"'Oh my god I just heard that Juliet died. Now I'm going to kill myself.' Geez. Talk about immature."

"I hate Shakespeare, save a for a few plays, I hate him, especially this overrated trash called Romeo and Juliet, the so-called 'ultimate love story.' How can it be the ultimate when both the lovers die because of stupidity. I much prefer his comedies such as 'Midsummer Nights Dream,' the 'Taming of the Shrew,' 'The Merchant of Venice,' and 'Othello'"

"The book relates to many different genres of literature. The catagories are Death, Hatred, and Drama. Throughout the book people are dying from quarrels in the streets of Verona. The book met my expectations, because they were not set very high."

"I, like 99% of the population, fail to see the value of Shakespeare.

He has precisely two plots, both dull.
One is the boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-finds-girl-again plot found here.
The other is man kills king, becomes king, ends up in bad way.

His prose is indecipherable, pointlessly convoluted, uses a thousand words when ten would suffice and is DULLL, DULL, DULL."

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