Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tennessee Williams - The Glass Menagerie

"I think I speak on behalf of UO Theatre Grads everywhere when I say this play totally blows. I don't care how many times you tell me Tennessee Williams is a great American playwright, this is no masterpiece. The best rendition of this I've seen, I thought Laura was played as mentally challenged. Morally questionable?"

"I hate'd think with the leg brace she'd have a sturdier stance in the world...but she's so depressingly weak. Oh, the stuff we prop up as great wonder most people stop reading after school."

"Don't read it if you don't have to. There isn't an actual conclusion, and I'm pretty sure I could write something as pointless."

"I would not recommend The Glass Menagerie to anyone who reads. Unless you like no climax when you read, don't pick it up. It will only waste time."

"The Glass Menagerie is actually a written play about a young girl's life. I picked this book because glass makes me think of shiny and happy times, it was also interesting because I didn't know what Menagerie meant."

"It is so clearly a retelling of events that there can be no possible outcome except for the one that exists."

"Perhaps because the play is about disillusionment, I did not like it. Williams did a great job with characterizion, but the lack of resolve is disappointing"

"This play is one of the many 'classics' that english teachers and literary critics seem to love; all of these classics have the defining characteristic that they bring out the worst in human nature and undermine the values of hard work, sacrifice, courage, and love."

"The Glass Menageria was descent
The Glass Menageria was a descent book but I wouldn't waste your money on it because its not very interesting. I am an action man so I really didn't dig it to much. If your into drama and like sad stories about a drunk or a crippled depressed girl who's mom keeps pressuring her to get out and find a man.Or if you like drunks that lie.This is the book for you."

"i am a frechman in highschool. i have read a varity of books such as A seperate peace, romeo and juliet, the odessey, and a bunch of other hard books. BUT THIS ONE I hated!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"It could just be the hype or my more 2002ish expectations, but I'd rather read the dictionary."

"Overall if you have no life and are a boring person, you would probably like this book."

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