Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Plato - The Symposium

"i hate Plato XD most of the things he said are just retarded (for a human being nowadays)"

"While a classic, Plato's elevated view of MANkind will irritate any modern female reader to some extent. And is it just me or was the big speech from Socrates a rip-off from a woman's speech?"

"Oh well, at least I tried to read it; I get credit for that, don't I?"

"I like the hom0-yet-no-homo vibe of it all because I too enjoy the company of men yet strictly in a conversational way although I can apperciate their beauty too. This is as important to the feminine movement as 'The City of Ladies is' for the...what should we call it...androgynous movement? grand!
it made me feel like i've never been born and I was having a re-birth while reading it.
I'm now androgy thanks to Plato and crew!!!"

"Those that understand this argument, and have read enough plato to understand this, please respond. everyone else, shut yer yaps.

The forms- they suck. a pencil can't be more than a pencil... i mean come on, how can a pencil be more perfect than just a pencil?

The alagory of the cave...
im not even going to start..."

"I hate plato. Other than his formula for writing a tragedy (which you can use over and over again to make money, if you're smart), he has nothing to offer."

"Can't remember which book it was, but I do remember Socrates talking about how beautiful things like the color purple and young boys were. :confused:"

"Die Plato....DIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! >=l"


"Plato Schmato

I hate Plato.
things and
labeling things.
Plato tells us
that the things we
see around us such
as trees or animals
are not special perfect
thing unto themselves,
only flawed imitations of
the perfect 'Ideal' of
these things, such as
tree or animal. An Ideal
that exists separately
from the particulars
that we experience. That
can never be obtained in
the physical world.
NOW if it wasnt for
this ancient Greek
and the effect his bullshit
has had on Western Culture
Perhaps I would have
found the 'Ideal' woman
by now instead of the
flawed women I am forced
to experience in my imperfect
toilet of a
world, and what about
me. How do I measure up?
I hate Plato."

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