Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Euripides - Medea

"this book to me it was not so good and it wasnt so much interesting.i think that this book could have been better by some ways."

"This an amazing...book"

"book is iight"

"i did, and do not like this book. Nor will i ever"

"Medea. Whiny, crazy, prone to ranting, wronged into insanity, her myth is a very fertile ground for feminism ... Even at the character's worst, though, let's not forget that Greek literature is the home of pushing a boulder up a hill for all eternity, running away from a rapist god only to turn into a tree, or a sociopathic hero holding up the sky, wrestling another god and fetching half a dozen lethal animals just because the king said so. It's terrible that Medea was treated this way, but on the list of people who got mistreated in ancient literature, she doesn't make the top 100."

"i learned that there is no true love in this book.The way jason treated madea was just bad because how he lefft her for some one else."

"That woman was pathetic...Her (ex)husband was clueless and those poor children!! It is entertaining but it makes me want to burn princesses and stab children too! (Not literally)"

"i didnt really like the book that much it didnt catch my attention but i learned dhat you dont blame others for your depression."

"from this book ive learned that karma is a really intense topic"

"Ma review on this book is really amazing. I really like this book alot. Basically, I can compare this book to my life becuase like Medea I would have done anythintg for my ex boyfriend. But one thing I wouldnt do is Kill someone or anything. But from There I would recomend this book to anybody."

"Well.. I liked when people died. It was cool."

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