Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ludwig Wittgenstein - Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

"I find, the old Chinese Sage philosophy of the Tao much more understanding and much of which Wittgenstein probably already knew and read about before he even started this non-sense. Which to me, that I, believe makes a worth of understanding the self in it self. Read philosophy on the Tao before, you, read this!"

"The Tractatus is a mesmerizing pile of poo. I spent a semester trying to understand whatever it was that Wittgenstein seemed to have stumbled upon... it turns out that this is just nothing more than an engineer writing bad poetry. Crap. Absolute crap..

'Whereof that which we cannot speak we must pass over in silence.' What the devil is this? It's a coward's way out. Translation: 'I can't roll with the big dogs so I'm going to take my ball and go home.'"

"It was like reading bad poetry written by an engineer who cannot think outside the box. I did not really enjoy it.

But I do admit that I have not read too many philosophical essays yet, so this book might not have been ready for me yet (yeah, Wittisteini, how do you like the logical form of THAT sentence? =D )"

"Wittgenstein must be the most over rated philosopher who has ever lived. Because of the work (and marketing) of a few devoted students, the rest of us have been led to believe that he is one of the great ones. The truth is nothing of the sort. He couldn't write clearly ... Much of his work is unreadable ... If you really want to read some good philosophy, do not be unjustifiably taken in by the weird mystique of the Wittgenstein name. It is all P.R. work by some ivy league philosophers who do not even care anymore if philsophy has anything useful to say to people who live in the real world. As long as they can continue to collect their salaries and analyze their little language puzzles in the privacy of their faculty offices, they are happy-and irrelevant to the lives of anyone who actually works outside of a university. Save yourself the bother of trying to decipher this guy; It isn't worth your trouble."

"Just glad he didn't live long enough to write another."

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  1. The Tractatus is just beat poetry -- it needs to be read that way: