Friday, March 4, 2011

F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby II

"I have always heard that this was a great classic, well I guess it is a classic to people who don't like happy endings. hmmm Not one I would read again, sorry to all of you great intellectuals."

"Gatsby was obviously drunk, or smoking marijuana when he was writing this book, and must have thougth that this book was pretty clever. It isn't."

"I think that the overall message that the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald sends out about the society where the book takes place is the most important to look at because the society is run by the elite group. If we look at how America is run today, this may stand true to a degree in where the people elect who they want as their representation. Back then, only the rich were able to rule the country and most of the time, the people’s views were not seen through the elected officials. Who and how a country is run is an important concept that really impacted on how the United States became to be and Fitzgerald does a good job in bringing up this discussion."

"Fitzgerald uses to much symbolism and to many big words"

"If you're looking for a book to read, the Great Gatsby is not it. If you consider yourself an intellectual, I suggest reading Pedro Paramo (I forget the author) or Karl Marx's Das Kapital for some stimulation. Better yet, write your own damn book and amuse yourself with whatever it is you come up with."

"I wasted much time reading critical appraisals, but they are all junk. So is this book. I don't care what anybody says there are *SEVERAL* parts that *DO* seem to be 'scribbled drunk' and are nearly unintelligible. The book is filled with all kinds of errors, particuliarly chronological. There is also plenty of *PREJUDICE* and *RACISM* in this book ... when Tom talks about the 'Superior Nordic Race nobody seems to care *IN THE LEAST* about the horrible things he is saying. Nick's maid is refered to as 'my Finn', which is so racist as to be almost unintelligible. Daisy and Gatsby are proposterous characters. The idea that they can never get together *MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER*. I don't care about society standards that is completely ridiculous. That Daisy would even think of staying with Tom dates this book *HORRIBLY* at the very least and more realitically turns into *A VIRTUAL CARTOON*. How and why Gatsby would do what he did is not believably in the least. Gatsby would never have gone to Oxford if he had truly cared about Daisy. The Confrontation makes absolutely no sense. Tom calls Gatsby a bootlegger with a drink in his hand. That is *THE WEAKEST WRITING I HAVE EVER SEEN.* Don't bother to read this book."

"So what does Fiztgerald do, he has his hero Gatsby mysteriously get some money but no that is not enough because he is not part of society and he can only look at his long lost loves window over the water. It's the dilemma of the untouchable in India the Commoner in England buts its nonsense. Its not American its just because Scott was a whoos ... You know in your heart I'm right"

"The stilted language is like trying muddle your way through Beowulf in Middle English."

"this booke is very stupid, just like all the other secular writers out in the world. quite frankly, they should not be writing about 'worldly' things that do not affect people in any way whatsoever! after reading this book, your life will be the same as before you read it...why not read a book that will change your life and the way you think of things? what book is this? it is 'THE BOOK'... the BIBLE! God loves you no matter what, but why not give your life to him as he gave his son for you? God Bless You and May Your Days Be Bright!!!"

"terrible, terrible, terrible! This incredibly boring book, although considered an american classic, is dismal. Don't bother with it, and read Douglas Adams instead."

"'Long Journey into Night' had more literary qualities than this, and that's a movie."


"I would give this so-called 'classic' zero stars if it was possible. The language is vulgar and archaic, with words such as 'gay' and 'excitement' used completely erroneously."

"Tom is the quintessential Aryan prototype spouting racist propaganda about how it has been scientifically proven that the blond haired blue eyed Nordic male is superior in every way to other races, and again there is no satiric edge from Fitzgerald to say that Tom is not correct in his beliefs and assumptions."

"I found some parts of the story quite blurry and hard to understand. Was the role of Tom Buchanan a bad man or a good yet misunderstood man? Some say he's a brute but was his actions justifiable? I believe they were"

"Fitzgerald over-characterizes certain characters, giving them true form and personality, almost to the point of nausea ... Gatsby you knew to the point of wanting to slap him every single time he said 'old chap' because it just gets annoying."

"The end could have been as worded longer and complex just like the rest of the book. But in my opinion Mr. Fitzgerald just got lazy and decided to end the book at that.
The Jay Gatsby was as great as claimed to be, then so is everyone who hustles for a women (Donald Trump, me and every other rich non-attractive male with an overly-attractive partner) is great. And if that is true then so be it."


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  2. You're all idiots, get your facts right before judging, this book was written in the 20's or 30's or whatever, things like 'gay' and overly racial remarks were more commonplace back then, and come on, it's a fictional story, relax, look beyond what you want to find and enjoy the tale. I will say that the ending of the book did seem somewhat rushed and less detailed than the rest of the book but beyond that it is a good book, you people are too closed-minded and cynical.
    Also, before you judge someone else's writing; check your own damn spelling. Douche bags.

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