Saturday, March 26, 2011

Franz Kafka - The Metamorphosis

"An older son supports his younger sister and elderly parents as a traveling salesman. One morning he wakes up and has discovered that he is now a big beetle-like bug. Okaaaay...."

"I'm sorry, but this is about a sentient cockroach. That's just wrong."

"Technically I read this book in German, and if I could give it zero stars, I would. I read the first sentence (in German, mind you) around 3:30 in the morning earlier this semester, and was convinced I was loosing my mind and that I couldn't be translating it right. It read: 'Gregor Samsa awoke on morning to discover that he had somehow transformed into a giant cockaroach'. After typing the sentence into and finding out I actually had read and translated it correctly, I thought for sure the author had lost
his mind."

"I hate you and your stupid genre, Kafka."

"Never once did I have a thought like, 'Oh, that was interesting' or 'Ohh, I can't wait to find out what happens, or find out what his life is like as an insect.'"

"Its the dumbest thing I have ever read, I don't care what it was supposed to be a metaphor for or why it was considered to be good at its time, its crap, pure crap."

"This book is so retarded. How did it become a classic?? It's about a guy who randomly wakes up and sees that he has turned into a cockroach over night. Yet, he is still set on catching the next train and going to work so he doesn't lose his job. What the heck?!!! How was he planning on working in his state. Like, people would think it was kind of weird if a random cockroach walked into their office."

"This novel, The Metamorphosis, in my eyes was boring and had no point in my view. I hate this novel and I rate it very low because it is very fictional and I do not think that changing that much would ever occur to mess up somebody's family that bad. "

"I totally feel that readint Tje Metamorphosis was a waste of time. Yeah, the symbology was interesting but the truth is: I would totally give this book to a ten-year-old kid and that kid would understand it perfectly. He wakes up as a coackroach (?) and he NEVER asks why! He just thinks that he has to work and whatever. No one wonders what happened or why he just turns into a bug and lives like a bug until he dies because he has an infection caused by an apple that his own father used to atack him. Plus, which was the bug size? He was small as a bug but still he was able to do lost of noise, stay with apples in its back and push forniture all over the room. I understood the symbology but this book was simply a waste of time."

"I felt relief when Gregor finally died."

"Quite simply the worst piece of writing I have ever undertaken. Although one can show Kafka respect for exploring the abstract and attempting (but unsuccessfully) pushing the bounds of writing styles, this is not a piece of literature to be respected."

"Again I don't get it, at all. Was Kafka's point that Gregor dominated the family to the point of being a big bully and the only way to free themselves of him was to kill him?"

"No matter how much symbolism and no matter how good a writer Kafka was, there is no getting over the creepiness and depression in this story."

"I just thought this was a remarkably silly book. Fantasy writers do better than this all the time but don't get the recognition. Perhaps the most overrated book in history. At least in the top five most overrated."

"This story had no point to it. It was extremely boring, which I found ironic because the message was not to lead a boring life."

"Um... everytime I look back at reading this book, I still think huh? It made no sense. But that is just me, I am not a fan of foreign writers somtimes :)."

"A man turns into a bug. Queue Russian author being overly descriptive. Voila! You have Kafka's formula!"

"I am sorry, but I must say that this book was a waste. Kafka's writing style, grammar, ability to portray the characters. etc. is excellent, but nothing ever really happened. Kafka spends the whole time describing how Gregor feels and the family's reaction. This is a key point for anything extraordinary, but not important enough to focus the idea into a full book."

"The premise of the story has a lot of promise. I mean, people turning into bugs? That has some serious potential right there. Instead we start the story with a guy that wakes up as a bug and his first thoughts aren't 'OMG! I'm a freaking BUG!!!' Instead he thinks 'OMG! I'm late for work! How am I going to get to work?' I understand that situations can be difficult to imagine. I myself have never turned into a bug."

"I don't see anything philosophical, moral or intelligent about this book. It's a boring, nonsensical story that has no point and on top of that is an excellent example of extreme ennui. If anyone other than the intellectual, snob critics' pet 'Kafka' had written it it would have been flushed down the toilet where it deserves to be."

"In my opinion, it sounded like it was written by someone on weed. I say he woke up trippin and saw himself as a bug and later decided to write about it."

"don't read it
complete waste of your tim"

"no like
my name is zatch and um yeah and theat ll"

"There is something to this story, but I'm at a loss as to what it is. Misery loves company, maybe. Part of the problem is that I am not sure what Kafka's metaphor is representing. The closest thing I can see is someone getting into a crippling accident, and the family getting alientated by all the care they have to give to the relative. Image what Christopher Reeves' family is going though right now since he is paralyzed."

"Hated this book. No sympathy for the MC, and didn't really care what happened to him. Ugh."



  1. I don't know why but this one makes me the maddest of any so far.

  2. Funny enough, me and my best friend were just discussing this book. We read it during our senior year of high school, ten years ago, and I still think it is one of the most confusing and nauseating books I've ever read.