Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Homer - The Iliad II

"Too many words"

"Seriously. Homer wasn't all that, and I'm so thankful to to allow me to give it only two stars.
Homer's boring, and he's totally overrated. He's always using the same lines- 'bit the dust', 'rosy-fingered dawn', 'the wine-dark sea', 'night filled his eyes', 'Achilles swift of foot'- Homer needs to be more original. And what's with the one name- 'Homer'- who does he think he is, Madonna?"

"u know the iliad sucks. i hate it. its stupid. its toooo long. the plot just gets boring. it just runs on"

"All the zombies kept telling me to purchase the Iliad and were raving about how intellectual it was. The age of it should have been a first clue. Really a rather boring read that is tripe with inept ideals. Homer Simpson was named after this guy but I believe that he has more insight into the subject matter than the original home boy they call Homer. Good for using to set your coffee mug on and start a fire with in the fireplace, but beyond that it is really a lot of rubbish. I wish Penguin Classics would actually publish classic reading material instead of a lot of blah blah."

"The ruse of the Trojan horse continues even today in the electronic world. While containing many heroes, this probably the first literature to document that 'persistance pays off.'"

"All I can remember since it was so long is that it is roman."

"This was a terrible time with so much blood shed, and so much pain for both sides. Achilles when he died I was sad. But in the end the side I was on won. Troy was destroyed just the way me and Athena planed. They did and excellent job. Homer captured this story as if he was actually there but he was not and I saw it all for myself and planed it all. Like a well played game of chest."

"It was very interesting if you like mythotical creatures..."

"I did not the whole book, but from what I read, nothing made sense, and nothing was entertaining."

"This book does not even deserve stars. I understand it is a classic, but what is the deal with being unable to decipher books from 1600 BC? No sentences actually make sense! I urge anyone thats thinks of reading this book to consider ripping it up instead. I spent an hour reading ten pages and then I thought, 'wow what did I just read?'"

"No Trojan Horse???"

"Before Tolkein there were many epics, this is one of the earliest."

"I found the character development a little wanting, the deities especially seemed somewhat unidinmensional and 'larger than life.' I also thought the author had difficulty connecting with a modern audience. As for plot development, I found myself wondering what happened to a lot of the surviving characters, like, for instance, Odysseus."

"There were far too many battles for my taste. It's just not that interesting to me."

"The Iliad. The longest piece of crap I've ever read. Not a single character arouses the slightest bit of sympathy or emotion, besides frustration. I kind of liked Hector ... In Chapter 16, he kills Patroclus. Big deal. It's a war. But then 'man-killing Hector' (What is he, a hitokiri? That's basically what 'hitokiri' means. Hmm, maybe Hec was Shishio in a later life…) decides that Patroclus' body should feed the dogs of Troy. I didn't like Patroclus; he puts on Achilles armor to rally the troops, but he pushes it. I did NOT need a three-page description of everyone Patroclus killed while wearing Achilles' shining armor.
If Homer really did write this, he wouldn't have been able to get this crap published if he paid for it himself!"

"I've read and loved all of the classics: Little Women, The Grapes of Wrath, Of Mice and Men, Tale of Two Cities, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Iliad."



  1. Right on - You "smart" people have no touch with reality or common sense. I think they remember and quote lines to "fit in" with other superficial wanna-be's!

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