Thursday, March 3, 2011

F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby

"IMHO (in my humble opinion) The Great Gatsby is not so great!"

"Jay Gatsby throws a lot of parties. Many people think that he throws great parties. They can last up until 3 am in the morning."

"Though it's considered as one the greatest books of the 20th Century and it's so admired by many Americans readers WHY ? I don't have any idea !

And here's why I didn't like it : the story is told by Nick Carraway,the guy who hardly done\said anything at all !"

"I guess there's a reason why this book was unpopular and forgotten about for the first 20-30 years after it was first published. Personally, it makes no difference to me that this is supposed to be an 'important' literary novel, as I like to make those conclusions for myself rather than going with the masses just because it's the masses."

"One of the most interesting parts of the whole story was when Gatsby got killed. He was killed to pay for his evil doings that made him rich."

"Most of the novel was incomprehensibly lame. I was never fully introduced to the root of the affair that existed between Gatsby and Daisy. So they were in love...yeah..I've been in love too, who cares?
Several times I didn't even understand where characters were when they were speaking to each other. I also didn't understand the whole affair with Tom and Mrs. Wilson.. and something about her husband locking her up over the garage...? huh? then she gets run over by a car, then he sneaks in through the trees and shoots Gatsby? wha..? still..why am I suppose to care about all this?
Shallow and meaningless characters. again, who cares?
I read this book twice. 2 times. I just didn't get it. There was nothing in it for me.
I can't believe this book is revered with the rest of the great classics. Truly unbelievable. Fitzgerald certainly kissed the right asses with this one.

What garbage.

Daisy quote:

'They’re such beautiful shirts,' she sobbed.… 'It makes me sad because I've never seen such—such beautiful shirts before.'

...sob..sob.. boo-hoo-hoo. oh Please someone shut her the fuck up."

"Yes, I love classical books, like Oliver Twist, Animal Farm...etc, but the Great Gatsby just did not snag my attention at all."

"This fucking book blew. What a pompous fucking jew"

"The book was confusing. I read the first chapter but I didn’t finish the book. The book I know was told by the Gatsby’s neighbor. He is one of the most important people in the story. The other characters in the are the nick caraway, the cousin of daisy, Daisy, Tom, married to daisy, and Jordan Baker, and Jay Gatsby, and Myrtle Wilson, and George Wilson. First, Gatsby was military leader and a bodyguard for man name Dan Cody but when Cody died he left Gatsby 25, 000 dollars and becoming rich and successful. The reason he was rich because he was famous and through a lot of parties at his mansion, and he sold drugs. When He became famouss he made a lot of enemies. He didn’t have anybody close to him besides his father. He didn’t really like anyone.

Near the end, he was going to the hospital because Daisy got pregnant. Tom got her pregnant and they had a party. Gatsby went back home and was in his car with Daisy, and Daisy drove the car. She hit Myrtle and they they stopped and drove off. She died and Myrtle’s husband came and killed the Great Gatsby and killed himself. Then at the funeral was held and only servants and his dad and Nick were there. This book was confusing but the book had meaning. The message It was trying to convey is that the American and fame comes at a price and it could cost your life."

"I would like to meet one straight person who likes this author... so I can tell them how gay they are."

"Perhaps postmodernism just isn't my cup of tea."

"It made me wonder why we weren't reading about rich, white people who did good in the world and why the high school never assigned any books with Asian people in them. Another problem I had with it is that I don't remember anything about the women in the book except the fact that a woman named Daisy ran over somebody. Women being portrayed negatively and/or without strong personalities reads to me as mysoginistic."

"I refer to it as the 'Not-so Great Gatsby.'"

"This book has so many things that are wrong with this world: infidelity, murder, lies, greed… THIS is what we consider 'classic'?"

"I understand why it was chosen for the roaring twenties because it was about what was going on in the 1920's, but it just wasn't that well of a book in my opinion because it just didn't have that same hook to it as most books do. I felt like I was reading history more than what normal books have. But that makes this book unique. It makes you think you are reading a history text book more than a actual book. Two things that make this book stand out are the Valley of Ashes, and The Eyes Of DR. TJ Eckleburg. Whenever you are 'walking through the valley of ashes,' 'The Eyes of DR. TJ Eckleburg' will always be looking down on you to make sure you are always safe."

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