Monday, March 7, 2011

Sir Thomas Malory - Le Morte d'Arthur

"I described it to a friend as a bad tabletop game with a randomizer instead of a DM. Logistically, the fighting doesn't make a lot of sense"

"I Hate this book with ever fiber of my beaning... its all about sex, fighting, magic, and more SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont read it."

"I did not enjoy the book because it was difficult to read - because the copy i had was in Old English or French."



"Secondly i had low motivation to read the book because i had just watched the movie and my brain was questioning the point of it."

"Like many books from this period, the main argument against Le Morte d'Arthur being a classic is simply the arcane nature of its language ... there's no doubt that it's all funny-sounding to modern ears"

"I got about a third of the way through before I 'accidently' picked up something else to read."

"this book was a waste of time
do not read this its too long and is boring. Nothing goes on in it and the charecters are stupid. this book is not worth your time. If I was you I would buy GTA Vice City ."

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