Monday, March 14, 2011

Shakespeare - Troilus and Cressida

"The main character's love story never seems very convincing ... Another thing that I disliked about this play was how much dialogue there was. About half the book was simply talking"

"The most striking thing is that the Greeks are all men, and their camp is a boys' club"

"I wasn't to interested as I struggled to read the story, the obvious star-crossed lovers tragedy plot of many of Shakespeare's plays apparant from the beginning of the story and the placement of the plot in good old Troy made it no more entertaining to me. What I did find interesting from the tale is how Shakespeare wrote wrote the play. Anyone who has written fanfiction has made a story or two where they introduce there own characters into a previously established plot and twist it a bit and while I've done some nonpublished fanfictions I had never thought the idea of taking such an established and long honored tale such as the Illiad, writing in my own characters and plot twist, and getting it actually published was possible. This play showed me that the chance exists, it just depends on the degree of twist and the material being chosen for it."

"Mh... I was expecting more."

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