Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sophocles - Antigone

"we read this book as a class its about a guy that kills his brother so he can be king or something like that then he leaves him out in the middle of the desert for the dog birds and birds to eat his sister decides to give him a proper burial and then creon finds out and he wants her dead so he locks her away if you want to find out if she lives you will have to read this book"

"Ancient Greek nonsense."

"I understand the Greek style of comedy and these weren't written last year, but nonetheless it seems like it were written for some teen film.

The dry humor Sophocles uses was traditional for his time, and what was a hit in the Greek theater, but its so dated. I wouldnt read this book just to read as a novel and enjoy it, I wouldnt anyway. It just annoys me so much to Sophocles write such trashy humor."

"I would have liked it had it been more easily understandable. Yeah, I don't speak old English. ;)"

"rite. it's hard to rate this book as hard as to understand it.
i've read plays before and fell in love with one of it.
for greek play however this is the first one.
the reason of my first sentence above is that i have difficulties to understand poem. indeed, this play is written in poem-like style.
well, i'm not good at (reading) poetry.
enough for greek play.
i guess i will enjoy more of this play when i show it played."

"Surprise, surprise. Someone kills themself and then several others follow suit. Never seen THAT before."

"Suprisingly, this woman-empowered story didn't strike me as great, but I suppose this is one of the first stories of it's kind. In other words, if it wasn't for Antigone, later woman-empowered works wouldn't have come in so early. I guess. xD"

"Amazing...and to think that it really does explore"

"The script of Antigone was not a story I favored ... I think Sophocles main point in writing this script was to entertain the gods,because he would get a bunch of people together and act it out for the gods the best they could,because they had very high respect for the gods in those times."

"Don't waste your time with Sophocles, and try reading other works from that time period like THE MEDITATIONS OF MARCUS ARELIUS. I promise that it is much better!"

"In general this book didn't rock my sock. I don't typically like the format of plays and how they are written."

"I really didn't like this book. It was too boring and plain. The book just didn't interest me. The dialougue is kind of lame and boring. It has a good message but it is just to boring. This was just written too long ago , and its dead. I would not recommend to any reader in the 21st century. This book is just to old . There are to many metaphors and english rhetoric stratigies . I would recommend this to anyone ."

"I thought Antigone was a great tragedy. However, I did not like it because it was a tragedy."

"Incredibly dull. Sophocles should have ended it at Oedipus Rex."

"Crappy love story."

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