Monday, February 7, 2011

Fyodor Dostoevsky - Crime and Punishment II

"oh, how aptly this book is named..."

"It was a crime and a lot of punishment to have to had read this 'classic.'"

"It's a punishment in and of itself."

"I considered it crime and punishment to have to read it!"

"My crime was ego, this book was my punishment."

"A more appropriate title for this book would have been just Punishment without the crime."

"the crime happens in the first 30 pages and the rest of the book is sheer punishment."

"Only one crime and more of a punishment for me than him."

"It definitely was a punishment. And I'm not sure what exactly my crime was."

"it felt like I was actually being punished for his crime"

"It was punishment enough getting through it."

"you realy don't know after reading the novel the diffrence between the crime and who realy deserve the punishmint ;)"

"The real punishment was reading it."

"Buying it was my Crime, Reading it was my Punishment"

"I felt like my crime was buying the book and my punishment was reading it."

"The Crime was him writing the book, and the Punishment was my reading it."

"It is a crime that I was punished by this wordy tripe!"

"C&P sucks. Face it."

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