Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shakespeare - King Lear

"Well lets begin by estating that Shakespeare shouldn't be read under any circumstance"

"I won't lie... I didn't even finish this one. All of the false identity business was giving me a headache. Fortunately, I'm not the kind of person who just HAS to finish every book she starts. Why waste my life reading a book I don't like when there are thousands of other ones just waiting to be devoured? I love resting in that kind of literary freedom. Hah!"

"i have taken turds that could write better than this."

"Horrible. Historical and horrible."

"I've been told it's the most tragic story ever told but I just don't care. You know what's tragic? A husband dealing with the death of his wife, or a child, real characters or real events that we can associate with. Those things are tragic because they are real, because we can read about real people with real horror. Lear isn't real."


"Saw the play, read the book. Didn't like either. Too much death."

"I did not enjoy this book because i do not enjoy Shakespeare. Although i did not enjoy this book i did notice that the key point in Shakespeare's book represents us as humans. The obssesed Harold Bloom said that Shakespeare created humanity and that Shakespeare created our personalities( a little crazy, i know), because of the ways Shakespeare portrays his characters. Besides realizing that this man Harold Bloom is a crazy man who loves Shakespeare, you should read King Lear if you enjoy reading about MADNESS, BETRAYAL, JUSTICE, AND THE FALLING OF A FAMILY. And Lastly, figuring out what part of nature represents who we are in society."

"well im convince this wasnt written in english soo it was aweful"

"While I enjoyed PARTS of this play, I thought Mr. Shakespeare was a little confused about the central nature of love and compasion."

"Another Macbeth
Average, mediocre play. Boring, tedious, and grim plot, with an unoriginal cast of characters. I don't really recommed it."

"One concern I still have pertains to Shakespeare’s state of mind. The death count continues to rise with each book of his that I read and I feel that he might have been slightly homicidal or suicidal. I understand the whole idea of being realistic and dealing with true events of life, and death is a very important part of life, yet there has to be a limit to how many of his characters he kills at the end of his plays. He created such a rich, complicated character in King Lear and then ends up killing him. Basically every important character in the play dies except for Edgar, Kent and Albany. This definitely gave the play a very pessimistic ending."

"Some people go so far as to claim it the greatest literary work ever written! How could such a radical proclamation be true with the legacies of writers such as Joyce, Pynchon, Stein, Whitman?"

"In comparison to Shakespeare's other works, King Lear didn't fair so well and shall only be known as the play with a crazy old man who believes that an equally crazy, half-naked beggar is a philosopher."

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