Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - One Hundred Years of Solitude II

"The book could have been cut down to one sentence. This dude founded a town Macondo which was destroyed seven generations later."

"A Skilled Rapist ... Marquez pushes a dizzying and horrifying picture of the human condition, which left me feeling as if I had been raped."

"this is one of the books that forced me to have to fight (with the help of a very great and kind Librarian (probably why I have a thing for Librarians) to get my adult library card and access to adult materials, she would stash the books next to the newspaper rack for me (she really was a true goddess) I thought it was non- Imaginative and Wordy, the Imagery really Impacted my brain and since I never knew any more than a few hispanic or spanish people I was fascinated by the way those people thought. I remember thinking maybe some day I would grow up and think that way too."

"The incestuous scenes abound and were a shock to me. Why so much incest? Perhaps I'm failing to grasp the unique Latin-American culture this book is supposed to have captured so perfectly."


"This book made me feel less of the 'ardent reader' that I thought I was...I tried, I really really tried"

"It is one of the few books I never finished. I figured it was only fair to put a book I didn't like on this list, since there are so many I do like, just for balance. ;-)"

"It is a rare occasion that I don't finish a book."

"This is the first book I wasn't able to finish since I was a lazy student back in the day. I tried really hard to like it and get into it but failed."

"Ok, I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but I had no idea whether the book was written to be laughed at or to be thought provoking."

"couldn't finish it - that almost never happens"

"I got about 50 pages into the book and quit. It takes a lot for me to not stick it out so there you have it, that's my review."

"Well, I tried. One of maybe 5 books ever that I haven't been able to finish out of sheer boredom."

"one of about 4 books in my life that I was unable to just went ON and on...but I didn't."

"This is the only book I never finished!"

"I finish pretty much every book I read, but I just couldn't with this one."

"This book was so horrible and uninteresting, I put it down and never picked up back up...and I never do that."

"i can count on one hand the number of books i've put down without finishing. this is one of them. i got 20 pages in and just couldn't take it anymore."


"read half way through this book and had to stop. Typically I'm religious about 'not counting' a book if it isn't read all the way through. (This very rarely happens... I have read through some bad literature in my days.) But reading half this book took nearly a month and a half- and the fact that I made it that far is something I'm really proud of."

"I hardly ever give up on a book, and if I do it's always early on when I see it's not what I thought it was.
I made it half way through this book before I threw it down. It was a tough decision."

"This was perhaps the very first book that I put down without finishing."

"Boy, I really worked on this. I REALLY tried to read it and make sense of it, but by the time I was two-thirds of the way through I thought...what the heck, why waste my time?"

"Okay, I tried. I really, really tried. I'm sure that this book has significant value and literary significance and all that, but I just couldn't finish it."

"I can count on one hand the number of books that I've started and not finished, but I just couldn't keep reading this one."

"I have been an avid book reader all my life and this is the ONLY book I just COULDN"T finish. I found it confusing, boring and too long!!"

"I finish 98% of the books I start. Couldn't finish this one."

"I couldn't finish it. I tried--I really did. Then I decided life is too short, and I should move on."

"I didn't finish it. That's rare for me, but I've decided not to push myself to read things that I simply do not like."

"Like other reviewers here, I hardly ever give up on a book. But about 30 pages into the SECOND attempt, I am feeling exhausted."

"This is one of the very few books I've stopped reading halfway through. And I have no intention of ever finishing it. Despite the fact that I horde books, I gave this one away."

"I have to admit that I didn't even finish reading this book. I made it through the first hundred pages and then I had to stop. I don't think you can go 20 pages without reading about someone having sex, and if you asked me what else this book was about, I'd have a pretty hard time coming up with an answer."

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