Friday, February 11, 2011

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - One Hundred Years of Solitude

"uhh no offense BUT THIS book should SUCK MY BALLS! um the amazing truth is that i didn't read IT!!!!!!!! but i read a few line sof the summar y thouh. it probably has to do someth ing wit hprophecies and that is why little noobies like the 5 raters have no sense of quantum mechanics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously wh y do we have to listen to the prphecy EH? BATMAN prophecies are assuming that time is presaid already which goes AGAINST QUANTUM MECHANICS!
QUANTUM MECHANICS IS WRONG? i think so....... every physiscs discovery is wrong thes DAYSSS .
baertrand would see alberts hinf beams pathing him at the full speed of lih ght!
since i dont have no idea what the book is about i andre wills just say tat it SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

"Alas the mother dies! Alas the father is so bereft that. . . the baby is eaten by ants! I know that I should be moved, but I am laughing."

"The Buendias are generally selfish. They act in truly outlandish fashion but not in a manner that is entertaining. And they are just dumb. They act in many instances like primitives or even like people suffering from mental retardation. In fact, it seems, from Garcia Marquez’s descriptions of her behavior, that Remedios the Beauty may, in fact, be retarded. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with those who suffer from mental retardation or with depictions of those who truly are mentally retarded, but the Buendias are not described as suffering from any mental defects, and yet they seem to be really, really stupid."

"I will never understand why this was required school reading even if the arthur was spanish."

"Someone implored me to finish this and I was like: NO! I got three quarters through; read the rest of the plot on SparkNotes. And read the final chapter for effect. I'm a rational adult human being who craves real issues and emotion in fiction. Fuck this."

"I'm sorry, but don't we spend 12 years trying to teach kids that story telling is more than 'this happened, then this happened, then this happened.' I'm proud to be a literary dissident on this one."

"I am a pretty intelligent person - lots of education - But I just couldn't follow this book. It was like it was written by a crazy person. Somewhere in the middle of the book I realized that one sentence was 2 pages long. People with the same name. I missed the metta messages. I couldn't get beyond the black and white. I didn't do well in English Literature class in college - just couldn't figure out the poetry - it was like a foreign language. That's what this book seems like. It was poetic but it made no sense to me."

"This book seemed to take a hundred years to read, mostly because I was you tube instead."

"This book is often called a novelist's novel and it is frequently cited by people (who I frankly doubt have finished it) as a great read. It isn't. There is little to no dialogue."

"Why do people like this interminable, tedious series of letters placed one after another on the printed page?"

"Where is the unreliable narrator? Where are the linguistic pyrotechnics?"

"Most overrated book in modern literature. I've tried reading it at least four times. Never finished it. It's in the same rack with Ulysses and The Sound and the Fury. Anyone who says they've read this book and can differentiate between all the characters and tell you what it's about can go tell it on a mountain."

"Would have been interesting if I could get past the 'storytelling' type of narrative."

"I heard that Spanish writing style involves going in circles, returning to the point in ever widening spirals, instead of the English mode of more linear plot development, and I thought--aha! That's why that book drove me nuts!"

"I found this books subject matter to really nieve. The topic lacked substance"

"It is a little kooky and written by a man and so maybe that is why it is considered to be good. The moral of the story is: time repeats itself and you cannot go back into the past no matter how nostalgic you are. Duh."

"it wasn't good enough to earn my focus."

"I would not recommend this book. The author is obviously base and low. There is not a character in this book who does not stoop to the lowest human characteristics possible. They are mentally, sexually, and physically ill."

"The thing with the so-called classics is this: if you don't care for one of them, or if you don't personally think one of them is a great book, you must be 'missing the point' somehow. Maybe you're simply not that smart, or maybe you're just a shallow reader. One way or another, though, you're deficient and the book is a masterpiece.

Well, I dispute this. I'm not an idiot and I'm not deficient."

"I am beginning to wonder if people say they love books like this because they just want to appear really smart and well read... it just has to be a hoax of some sort."

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