Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shakespeare - Othello

"It may have been genial, but nowadays it's just cliché."

"Shakespeare wrote the play as satire on events taking place during his time but it still holds true today. We see that when it stereo-typed and one tries to prove other wise he can end up playing into them."

"read it in jail. i hate shakespeare and this definitely made jail feel more jail-like"

"This is the one Shakespeare play I just don't like and NO I'm not being racist or anything ... He has no experience about women-especially white women 'cause there is a difference between all races of women-there is-no lie."

"I didn't like how two people could be so in love"

"Shakespeare did achieve his goal because I learned that there really is no point to racism."

"WEll my friend matt is always in my third period class and he is Phillipino. He is made fun of every day by a couple kids in class and everyday he grows angry. I feel bad for the poor guy. All he ever wanted was someone to be his friend. I liked the fact that there were a lot of people who died at the end of the book."

"I like how this play can make one correlate to the outside world (text-to-world)."

"Othello is a moor and not a traditional european character, so the play had a racist feel to it the whole time."

"By the way, in 'EXCALIBUR' King Arthur SAW his wife sleeping with Lance a Lot, and he could not bring himself to kill them ... I find it most fitting to conclude with a quote from 'Slayer' to Othello: 'Hell Awaits.'"

"Look, here it is. I know everyone says how great and everything Othello is and that this Shakespeare guy is like a genius. But what it comes down to is it is just like this white guy from Ireland who never went to Italy and stuff and like all his plays all take place there and stuff. I mean, did Shakespeare actually know someone named Romeo? But that's not the point. This whole play sucks. I didn't get involved at all and I couldn't relate to none of the characters. Plus when my teacher said that Othello is actually black, I, as a white person, took offense to it. So to all you out there in cyber space, just avoid this no matter what."

"This is a sad story.
Everyone in this story is very poor.
Without crying, you can't read this book."

"I hate shakespeare and all of his books. Just another dumb one coming right atchya. Honest Iago is actually really not that honest at all... weird how that works. othello kills himself in the end after he kills emilia i do believe. Iago escapes in the end which is just a complete failure cause he got away with everything that he did wrong."

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