Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Scarlet Letter II

"I'll admit right up front that I am stupid."


"I'm not a 'reader' type, so this book, for me, was awful."

"This is the most boring book I have ever read.
This is the most boring book I have ever read"

"Oh, and by the way who decided that this was a classic romantic book, there is nothing romantic about this novel, nor anything good. If you are in the mood for a good romance shoot for Nora Roberts or Sandra Brown, they can actually write!"

"Maybe if it was somewhat interesting I would read it - but it has nothing to do with modern life."

"Much of this section concentrates on Hester's illegitimate daughter Pearl, who is the most overt symbol in the book and is constantly referred to as "elvish" though she is nothing like an elf; elves inspire cheer and contentment"

"I'm sure I would be able to understand the vivid descriptions and symbolism in this book much better, if Hawthorne were not writing in some sort of moon man language."

"Things don't symbolize anything. If they do, then you're thinking too hard."

"To me this book would turn a young person, like my self away from the key and enjoyment of reading . Being a book with extensive mistakes in it, it is very difficult to read unless you are to inerpret it every paragraph or should I say sentence. I't maybe a classic, but I feel that the word 'classic' comes from just being old........................................................................................................p.s the only reason I put a star was because I had to, to express my opinion on he novel."

"The only reason Nathaniel Hawthorne is a classic is because he wrote fancy and he is dead. In fact Hawthorne never wrote an interesting word in his life."


"I never really did believe in the whole 'they completely ostracized her but let her stitch everything.' That is just a bit hypocritical, either she was excepted as prat of the society *which she was not) or she wasn't (which she almost was. See that just doesn't make any sense."

"I should note that I am a little weary of romance novels in general. First of all, anyone eager to read this book for its romantic theme, forget it! In the modern sense, this is not in anyway associated with romance or (for the most part)love ... Although I despise stories with a lustful or romantic appeal, I would have been far better satisfied had that been the case of this novel. Don't misinterpret me, Hawthorne is a terrific and classical writer, but this novel IS NOT CLASSICAL!"

"This book is one of the last masterpieces written as American literature moved from what we call 'Old English' (use the much cliched Olde if you must) to 'New English.' And trust me, it shows."

"It has an okay plot and okay characters, but the book is not one for teens of the 90's ... The teens of today do not want to read about the ancient customs of puritan society."

"It's a typical example of pre-20th century bad writing."

"The story is about the struggles of a woman named Hester Prynne...alright...let me just say that by the end you are 'supposed' to be in tears over what a courageous-hero this women is for putting up with all her hardships (this emotional response the author hoped the invoke is the WHOLE point of the book). NOW let me tell you why this sentiment is flawed. HESTER PRYNNE IS A CHEAP FLOOZY!!! I have no idea why people can't understand this point. The woman is married to a good professional man and she goes and decides to have a one-night-stand with the town minister, gets knocked-up, and the town realizes she is an adulterer when she bears her misbegotten child ... I AM SUPPOSED TO FEEL SORRY FOR THIS NYMPHOMANIAC!?! Well I didn't."

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