Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Homer - The Odyssey

"I didn't read the glossary, if you did I recommend going on one of those widely-successful sites like eHarmony.com.
I would never have read this if my crazy teacher hadn't said, 'Please hand in your books tomorrow morning so i can grade them and return them. Yes, I blame you Mr. L. He actually seems to like this book......Elevated speech or whatever is stupid--it just wastes space. Instead of saying, 'Oh, greetings to you, Nestor the Gerenian horseman. What brings you to my fine land. Who fair thee? Is your wife well or has she left you for another lesser man?' can't we just say, 'S'up?'"

"Odysseus and his men had to go on a journey, for some odd reason"

"But then again, it's supposed to be in Greek and it was written way back when people didn't know better, so ya can't blame poor Homer."

"Accoording to what i know about Odysseus i believe that he should not be in the Hero Hall of Fame Nomination Committee. He killed innocent people , cheated on his wife, and ate his friends. I believe that says it all about who Odysseus really is."

"I do not love this book, because I think wars are not a good topic to write about"

"Homer would be best left outside the circle of his fellow Greeks Sophocles and Plato and re-establish himself as a writer for SNL or maybe Married with Children. Were Homer alive today hew would no doubt be plotting out the next Buffy the Vampire Slayer storyboard as we speak."

"The only reason I think this is a 'classic' is because it is the only book written in it's time."

"this book is totally fake and pointless. there is nothing real about this book. Homer was wrong to write it. i read it only to learn his story"

"To smart for me. Like torture, reading should be enjoyable."

"I listened to it because it's one of those things everyone should read so that everything else will fit into proper context, but really, to my sarcastic and overfilled mind, it seems to be an elaborate tale of how one should treat guests to one's home."

"I could never like such silly things."

"This was just another story written by a man to be enjoyed by other men. Gross."

"yeah, it's a classic. but it actually isnt as good as you think"

"Our society has accustomed itself to fast paced action/adventure thrillers. The Odyssey is an epic filled with more figurative language than with deeds."

"Poetry is usually so academic in its use of language. Most Poets are professors who do NOT use the English language the way most modern people do. Their use of language is wooden, stilted, with unfamiliar and odd turns of phrase, use of words, etc. which all end up bewildering the reader. I had hoped that the reviews would be right for once, however. No such luck. I couldn't even get past the first ten pages with any comprehension of what this was about... What the heck is 'hearth smoke'? What person alive says 'that nonsense coming past your teeth'? Don't most people say 'past your lips'? If this is a 'readable' translation, they must mean to someone who speaks some odd form of Olde English because this does not read like any English I ever saw. Don't get suckered into thinking this just 'races' along. It does nothing of the sort. You will need to refer to the notes every few lines just to figure out what is being said. Why it is said so oddly and with such a poor sense of colloquial English and rhythmn is beyond me."

"This book sucks. I dont care if Homer was blind or not this book is like 900 pages too long. I could tell this story in about 10 pages. Homer taking all long to say stupid stuff."

"It sucked. Their shouldn't be old people in books."

"Homer's Odyssey is one of the worst books I have ever read in my life. This book is very, very boring. Many of you who do not know me, probably think I am a teenager who can't sit still, and that I have to take some drug to keep me from tearing my house down. You are very wrong. I'm not a teenager who can't sit still, but I am a teenager who can't stand bad books!

The Odyssey is somewhat like a fantasy novel, where many of the characters have super powers, and a lot of the events that happen aren't actually possible in the real world. Now, don't get me wrong, I love many books that aren't realistic, mostly science fiction, but this book is outrageously stupid! Greek society lived in some kind of fantasy world where gods looked down on them and determined what happened in the world. As an atheist, I can't stand this kind of thinking.

In general, epic novels are horrible, especially this one. As I said at the beginning of my review, The Odyssey by Homer is one of the worst books I have ever read."

"This book is two hundred and seventy- one words. I picked up this Library book because I am in love with the story 'Troy'. It makes the movie more put together. I know how the story of Odyssey went yet it didn't concur with me about the end of it."


  1. I concur. Books 9-12 are the best part of the book. Books 5 and 6 are Okay, as is the story of Proteus in Book 4. But the rest just plods along.

  2. Telemachus agreeing to return home afte working up all that courage was pure bullshit OH ATHENA I HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU EVEN IF YOU ARE CONTRADICTORY ASF.