Thursday, February 3, 2011

Henrik Ibsen - Hedda Gabler

"I passionately despise the main character of this play."

"Isben sucks."

"I thought it was an okay play, but it did contain alot of information that needed to be found by reading inbetween the lines."

"This play was really kind of ridiculous. This lady was bbored so she ruined the lives of a bunch of people, including her own. i guess that is th emoral though."

"by this book I was starting to understand other playwrights' frustration with Ibsen's 'well-made' plays."

"Hedda Gabler is a very dry, serious play. The story is basically about a woman who marries a wealthy man, only to spend his money. Not only is she a gold-digger, she is also a character that seems to derive joy on other people's misery. She is very selfish and only does something if it benefits her in some way, including insulting her husband's aunt.

The rest of the characters are two-dimensional in the aspect of we never learn anything about them, other than the contents of the play. It is hard to feel sympathy or hope for two-dimensional characters to reach their goals when we do not know them at all.

The story-line itself is fairly thin and has absolutely no bulk or depth. The story has no movement. Everything in the play is built on this dry dialogue between two or more characters. The play never takes a stand on anything and the playwright almost seems to be more focused on what will be on stage and the stage directions, rather than actually having a good script.

The setting is awful. The play takes place in only one area. Now that plays had a proscenium theatre, you might think that there would be more than one set. However, again, there is more focus on the furniture and the objects in the room, then where the story takes place. There is hearsay about a drunken character fighting outside the play, but it would be more effective if the audience can see it.

Finally, there was no true ending. Two characters fatally injure themselves, two others try to put a book back together, and one is just caught up in the middle of everything. There was a sense that the playwright just wanted the story to end, so let's kill off some people and say goodnight.

The play has no character, no setting, and worst of all, a terrible ending."

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