Friday, February 1, 2013

Zeno of Elea - Fragments

"this zeno guy basiclly created a 'big book of paradoxes' and threw them at the wall til they stuck... most have since fallen off the wall and in due course so will the rest in all probability"

"if you're going to explain yourself, at least do it in a somewhat intelligent manor."

"time was there at day one if you believe in evolution or whatever.....times with it. Why so serious?"

"my brain is hurting now because that made sense but it was stupid sense so now my brain has been infected by stupid sense,so now my brain hurts because of the stupid sense"

"There's no need for serious debate here. The quotation is just a musing, so all that should be elicited by the reader is further contemplation."

"if you have ever done lsd then you know time is only relative it slows down time"

"dis guy was dumb and probs did a lot of drugs and had aids and died."

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