Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shakespeare - Othello II

"Well, So far (and I only started this like 4 days ago) I love Iago and Othello. The 'close' relationship between Desdemona and Cassio is probably going to bug me through the entire play though."

"Typical Shakespeare misunderstanding causing multiple people to die."

"Another cliche, typical plot by Shakespeare.

Why do teachers keep making their students read Shakespeare, its the 21st century we should finally realize that his works are unimaginative and that he wasn't a genious. There are so many better classic writers out there that people just ignore."

"I belong in the horde that don't like Shakespeare but for different reasons than most. I think the books are predictable because they are cliche. Granted, they are probably cliche to me because American literature is basically a Shakespeare baby, but in the end they are cliche, even they are 'the original'. So anyways when Shakespeare isn't being predictable or spoiled as this play was not entirely it is often boring or illogical. Much Ado About Nothing is not a comedy. As for more opinions and onions on Othello itself I hate Desdemona (we are all shocked). She is not unlucky, she is just stupid. I disagree completely with motiveless malignity and beleive that it only exists in literature (and such), and often bad literature at that."

"What I have learned about Shakespeare since high school.
I have learned that Shakespeare is a hard cookie to crack. He either depicted his own cultural sentiments, or captured the cultural sentiments and dynamics in a commentary for how those racial and gender roles were unfair and were in much need of review. If it were the later, he was not a little ahead of his time, but centuries ahead of his time. This can be seen here with the discrimination against both Othello and his wife through the interactions with others as well as the domestic abuse that ends with tragic consequences. Other plays discuss legal rights of Jews and women, politcal intergue, family and social dynamics, religion, as well as having the typical stuff of love and action. Learning how to sit and read in the social aspect allows me to have much more fun than before with just reading the story itself. Unraveling the cultural norms of yesterday and seeing how much has changed (or not) since then. It makes wading through this junk almost worth trying to breakdown how many ways Shakespeare can have someone describe love, hate, and all of those emotions inbetween."

"My complaint is having Shakespeare on your shelf, as if one day you'll sit down in your chair and read Othello start to finish.

That's wrong, and I refuse to read Shakespeare by myself, in my head. It's a play, meant to be heard and felt and seen."

"cartoonish and silly. not in a good way. even shakespeare (which, i mean, let's be honest, the guy has a bit of a reputation, and linguistically at least he always delivers) couldn't save this one"

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