Tuesday, February 5, 2013

D. H. Lawrence - Women in Love II

"Never before have I quit on a 500 page book with 30 pages left to go. Reading this book requires a lot of caffeine plus german-English and French-English dictionaries. Don't bother."

"I've outgrown thinking this hard."

"They harped on a lot about what things 'mean': what does love 'mean'? Sometimes I really felt like screaming 'stop over-analyzing everything!' - really frustrated me - not an easy read."

"the most difficult book i've ever read by far."

"too dense"


"Full of talk to hear himself talk, which they now call a 'modern' style."

"In terms of graphic erotica, there is none, today's books can offer much more detail"

"Lawrence is an amazing period piece, just because he's one of the few writers ever to take Freud's theories as deep, meaningful truth."

"I can't see the point of DH Lawrence in this day and age and there will be no more forays into re-reading this dated stuff for me. Somethings do not stand the test of time."

"Sure, the author does use the English language brilliantly. But perhaps too brilliantly"

"Oh one thing I really thought was dumb was when the bridal arrives at the church, 'They were all gay and excited because the sun was shining.' ?! Not cause they're gathered together to join in holy matrimony this couple etc etc? No, because the sun was shining. This just strikes me as amazingly sort of DUMB lol."

"Somewhere in the middle of the book one of the sisters exclaimed, 'it is amazingly cool!' I have to say that very modern-sounding phrase really stood out in the middle of all those big words of his."

"Beyond all the other problems of this novel is its flawed premise. Lawrence seems to be saying that the only way modern man can ever escape the world he lives in is to be so passionate as to overcome it. In this, Lawrence seems to be the opposite of a Buddhist."

"I worried that my lack of appreciation for this classic must be due to my inferior intellect and that I must after all be just some obtuse hill-billy. Thankfully I found that several people who had offered their reviews here shared my opinions for this book and I was quite relieved that I was not alone in my reaction."

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