Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Bible V

"it is great to have the word of God on my tablet for free, just like I became free after He paid for my sins"

"I only gave this book one star because I couldn't give it a minus. Almost everything that is wrong with our modern world is represented somewhere in this book. I promotes intolerance, rape, murder, torture, classicism, sexism, racism, arrogance, and stupidity. Altruism, an agenda that works about as well as socialism, is promoted as the key theme, with the exclusion of whoever the Bible chooses to elevate to a higher class. Which of course can be taken away at the whim of an all powerful god whenever he feels like playing a game. Like in poor job's case.
Unlike most followers of this book of zeal and hatred, I have actually read it from cover to cover several times. I was that, or pay attention to the mindless ramblings of the preacher my parents made me listen to four times a week as a I grew up. It's actually not a book of just nonsense, but dangerous nonsense, that has been responsible for way more crimes against humanity than Mein Kampf."

"Spoiler alert: I have a theory that the character of God was really the devil in disguise! Hiding in plain sight and convincing the people he didn't exist, the book, like the ending of Inception, leaves this theory wide open"

"This the word of King James and not God. That is why it is called 'The King James Bible'. King James had this bible conpletely rewriten in his words, therefore it is no long the Holy Bible of God's word....unless you think King James is a god"

"Religous drivel!

If you're over the age of 10, you should be old enough to see the difference between a fairy tale and the reality!"

"THe bible is not FICTION at all whatsoever it's the guide to life! I will pray for all of you out there that rated this a 1 star. This book was written by GOD himself!"

"Not my cup of tea per say... Not big on fairy tales or believing in some mythical man sitting on a cloud. I did however read it and was once apron a time a believer..then I grew up... I felt while reading it the consistent inconsistency and there was a bit of skitzophphrinia about it"

"The story is quite unlogical"

"Definitely don't let your children read this crazy book filled with mass murder, rape , slavery, and a lot more evil stuff. It's not as good as other ancient mythology books like The Odyssey."

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