Thursday, February 7, 2013

D. H. Lawrence - Women in Love III

"I HATE D.H. LAWRENCE. Do you hear me world?! I read Women in Love and I am here to tell you all that it SUCKED."

"Gudrus falls in LERVE in the space of a page in naturally the most high falutin manner (this isnt' a quote I'm just gonna fake it), 'COuld it be that lad and I share a bit of arctic illumination that only reflects on our two souls? our two hearts and minds?' or words to that effect.


"This book totally traumatized me. The people who tried to censor it 80 years ago were right. Nobody should ever be forced to endure the torture of going through this book. It was so uneventful and boring; the conversations that occurred were also completely arbitrary and all conveniently led to some sort of philosophical topic. DON'T READ THIS BOOK!!!"

"Sodding crappy book. At least three quarters of it are BADLY WRITTEN BADLY OBSERVED BADLY IMAGINED BOLLOCKS. BOLLOCKS, I tells ya."

"I had just started the 'humanities' requirement for my degree program and was assigned this book to read for a literature course. I did not expect, from the title, that it would be a book for a Christian, but I believe in respecting authority, so I tried to read the book. But I was not able to finish it. It was so dark and full of all kinds of morbid things, that were almost as bad as the pornography. It had no redeeming feature. I felt ashamed while I was reading it, and it was so bad that even the places which were all right seemed suspicious. I thought, how will he find something weird and ugly here? This book was written back when England was full of labor unrest and socialism and paganism and what they called 'free love' so I suppose this had something to do with it.
Some of the Christians in my class wanted to complain to the Dean about a hostile study environment for Christians, but we were afraid of retribution by secular humanists."

"Have I mentioned that I hate D.H. Lawrence? I kind of want to go back in time and STAB HIM IN THE FACE."

"The professor assigned us D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love and I hated it more than anything I’d ever read. Every page was an ordeal, and it was not a short book. I was absolutely miserable over it, because I’d go to class three days a week and spend an hour listening to my classmates discuss and dissect it intelligently and with enthusiasm, and all I could think was, 'What is the matter with me? I hate this book. D.H. Lawrence is a TITAN OF ENGLISH LITERATURE and I’m supposed to be impressed and engaged but I just think it sucks.' There must be something wrong with me, because no intelligent person thinks that D.H. Lawrence sucks, or that James Joyce is inscrutable, or that Henry James needed to learn how to put a sentence out of its misery. No way. These guys wrote Amazing Examples of the Divine Heights Man Can Reach With the Written Word and if you hate their work, then you are defective and have no business studying it, and good day to you."

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  1. To be honest, I can't stand DH Lawrence (he tends to be repetitive). But I wish haters would explain in clear and logical terms why exactly they dislike him.