Monday, February 25, 2013

Henrik Ibsen - The Master Builder

"I can't say I recommend the book to any great extent whatsoever. I'm sure it has been forgotten for a long long time and will continue to be so unless the movie is a blockbuster. Let's hope so."

"Ibsen sucks big-time.
Holy fish-paste!

Man-o-man, I knew that this day was coming. Yes friends, I've finally arrived to the time in my high school career when I have to read Henrik Ibsen's plays. NOOOOO! D:<

I want to kill myself! IBSEN!!!! AHH! That man looks like a yeti who shaved his FACE! ....his plays STINK!"

"THAT is the funniest potrait i have ever seen in my entire life!!! No wonder he's a crappy playwrite. He looked in the mirror for inspiration!

In all honesty, i have never heard of this dude in all my life ... For my report on that, i compared it to 'The Matrix' in comic book format, and totally got an A+ on it. It suddenly made that dreary play a whole lot cooler."

"I'm still suffering from having to read Ibsen what was it... 6 of 7 years ago now ... Terrible, horrible, awful stuff."

"Man, yes, you're right, people usually do have depressing, confusing lifes...but then why would they want to come from those lives to see a play with those same depressing elements? Idiot."

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