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"I’ve attempted reading Jane Eyre before, but got stuck in the middle of it. I don’t know if is the length or the abundance of 'big words,' but I stopped in the middle and left it sitting on the shelf. I laugh as I say this because as a teacher, I’m always working to get my students to read harder material and books that seem 'long and have big words' in them. This time I finally managed to finish the book, but it took some strong will power and the ability to listen to it at times on my iPod that got me through it."


"Plato. Socrates. Aristotle. Horace. Pythagoras. The list goes on.

On what do we base our fundamental understanding of everything in the world and universe? To whom do we award the holy zenith of knowledge and wisdom? From whom have we written over 2,000 years of philosophical footnotes, enquiring the nature of Nature, the stars, and the hidden galaxies stored within the mind? Apparently, these dead and ancient chiton-wearing, wine-drinking, child-touching, Greek speaking men who didn’t have much else to do with their spare time.

Are we to take it that their word and outlook is the single viewpoint to understand the world, forms and everything else I can’t bother mentioning? How do you explain wave and light particles in the terminology of the ancients? How do you expound the principles of Zen Buddhism in the language of Greek philosophy? Can you even speak Greek? Will there be subtitles?"


"Yeah I read this book for school cause I was forced to mother fucking teacher you know. Well it turned out pretty gay first then it got filthy gay. I was like what the fuck is this shit. Thats about all I can say about this shit."


"I hate Chaucer.
Reading any work by Chaucer is seemingly no more than a waste of time. In English class, we are supposed to do a huge project on Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales,' which is quite simply a whole book filled with nonsensical stories about people's lives and struggles in days gone by. I find it quite monotonous. That's why I decided to finally update my blog: I was bored with this stupid project in school, and I found out that Blogger is one of the few sites that isn't blocked!

As I sit here in the library, I realize how much I have missed writing. I love my ability to write all of this in the blink of an eye. Although I'm really talking about nothing, I love it so."


"The universal reality of Washington Irving words describes the hardship of marriage upon the solitary nature of man. The matriarchal suppression upon man jeopardizes the very notion of man's nature. This notion is evident in all generations. The concept of how women 'suck the life out of men' is inherently true from the time of American Independence to modern day. Women of all ethnicities, colors, nationalities, social class have one common theme in relation to men—they want men to love them unconditionally. The very essence of women is to be cherishing and loving. And for all intensive purposes they are. But like men, women are needy, wanting, and dependent.

The needs of women are a complex to a simple man as rocket science. However, take the science out of the equation and the essential of women are revealed. The essentials are very common to the basic concept of child raising—eating, pooping, and lots of love. So much love in fact that it is a full time job to satisfy the loving need of a single woman. Thus, a reason why so many men fail in the love department. It's not so much organic sex that completely satisfies a woman but the other stuff that is so unnatural for a man. It’s the constant attention to details, the multi-taking, and the conditioning. Over time, women naturally domesticate men into their likely. The biblical phrase 'man was created in His image' is true from physical appear. Once a man become married, it's not His image that's Hers.

Wanting is not simply a woman's trait, but a man's as well. Both sexes want something from another. Women want love and constant attention. Men want love and to be left alone once and a while. It's not that men are solely solitary creature and women are socially progressive. It's that men have the wanting to find some peace in a little bite solitude. Where as women see the wanting for solitude as a means to avoid them. Interestingly that is so true, but only for a short amount of time. Men are like batteries, when just need time to recharge.

Dependency again is adherently characterized in both men and women. We are both emotionally dependent upon each other. Whether it’s a hard day at work or just the 'time of the month,' we are in some way supported by the opposite sex. Sometime the emotional support can be confusing to men. Men like to thing they can fix problems and for the most part when there is a problem that needs fixing logic takes over and the problem gets fixed. However, when a woman comes to her husband with a problem it’s not meant to be fixed. Women are searching for emotional support. Women want to be listened too and heard. They want to know they are right—that in some universe their conclusions they conjure are the right ones. The most important phrase a man can utter to his wife is 'YOU ARE RIGHT.'

Rip Van Winkle is a classical display of a happy man married to a wanting, needy, and dependent wife. In short, Rip Van Winkle was married to a woman."


"Your sick little CUNT your a fuckign bitch he did nothign wrong at all u insesitive fuckign whore, he did more for animals then anyone, and u say they had there revenger, well words to the wise, Steve Erwins fans will have there revenge BITCH"

"Get over yourself sweetheart
If you are a, man, man you will probably love this. If like me you are actually a Eunuch, then forget about it."

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