Monday, February 11, 2013

Emily Bronte - Wuthering Heights VII

"Very difficult to get past the first page, started to read but found myself reading but not taking anything in. Loads of stupid words in there which i have no idea nor do i want to know what they mean! :D"

"This book really made me appreciate modern living and the accessibility of potential mates. Online dating would have solved all the problems the characters experience in this book."

"It's a classic and I wanted to read it for that reason, but I'm not sure why it's such a classic. It was ok. Maybe when there wasn't such a great selection of literature 'back then' this ranked well."

"Why is this book considered one of the most classic romances of all time? All of the characters are despicable and cruel to one another, the plot is awkwardly structured, and it’s all very boring and depressing, if you ask us. We realize that at the time of its writing, the book was groundbreaking, and we certainly thank the Brontë sisters for their contribution to women being recognized as great authors, but seriously, it’s 165 years later, so why are we all still reading this book?"

"I hate every single character in this book. How do you hate every character and still like the book? You don't. In fact I intensely dislike this book ... Sometimes books are considered classics simply because they're old."

"While in it's day, it may have been 'groundbreaking', speaking of things that others hadn't, at least openly, the very ground that it broke should've been used to bury it.

I think the only reason it remains as a 'classic', as high school students are forced to read it as such, and marvel at it - instead of labeling it for what it truly is - destructive to the psyche.

I'm glad I bought it at a used bookstore. It will soon warm my toes over a fire, dying the literary death it deserves."

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