Monday, April 18, 2011

William Faulkner - Go Down, Moses

"With true grit and determination, I struggled through a solid 75% of these related short stories (one or two not short enough). Like the old south that it describes - with its bayous, river bottoms, plantations, and swamps - this book is slow going, languid, irritating, and filled with things you don't want to see. Finally, I could not bear to go any further and abandoned my effort - which is something I do not often do with a book"

"I couldn't stand it anymore...after like three weeks of this book and less than 100 pages left, I just couldn't force myself ot finish this book, which absolutely KILLS ME! Cuz I always finish everything I read, no matter how much I may not like it!"

"It got to where I was reading the words in the book, but I just couldn't put together what the hell the book was actually about! So frustrating! UGH!"

"'Go Down, Moses'???...rather go back to the pit from whence you came."

"Not to mince words, but I can't stand Faulkner. I think he's so highly regarded because academics equate 'hard to read' with 'good'."

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  1. Hallo! I have a request to you: could you please send me by mail Fauklners "go down Moses". I wont to read just short story "Was". Unfortunatly I couldn't find here, in my country -Georgia, this book in english. Sory ebout my request.
    My e-mail adress is;
    Thank you very much.