Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chinua Achebe - Things Fall Apart II

"we get it, things fall apart"

"This book was left laying about by my daughter, who had to read it for AP English in high school. Among my fellow readers I am by far the most enthusiastic about world lit so I thought I should read it. I read it. I can't say I got much from it. At best I can describe it as a digest-version of 'Gone With The Wind' from an Native African point of view, and that's a huge stretch"

"The manner of telling (vocab, styles of speech, etc.) lacked an 'African' flavor that i was hoping for."

"I love Africa and stories about Africa, so I figured this would be right up my ally!

...I was very wrong.

I felt like the author was someone who had never written before in his life. When I found out that he was actually a very accomplished author and had taught at universities and colleges all over the world I was FLOORED"

"As an atheist, i can't relate to the numerous occassions that religon is mentioned."

"I wouldn't really recommend this book to anyone. Sorry. Racial and religious tentions played a big role in this book. Also, it kind of toches and tochy subject for women. Women hardly had any status in this book. I didn't like that all. It was a lso a insult if a man was called a women! What is that? i gave this 2 stars. I felt generious."

"The ending was quite a surprise, though. I didn’t expect for Okonkwo to kill himself. I thought it was a bit extreme when I read it. I was like, 'dude things aren’t that bad!' But now that I look back on it, it makes sense."

"I'm still not sure why this is such a popular read. Maybe I should have finished it and then would have known."

"The problem with this novel is that the names of the characters bear close similarity to each other. Although these names may keep the story interesting, its important as a writer not to go overboard with it. The names cause great confusion and will cause a reader not to want to read it at all."

"And then I go, oh. That makes sense. I get that. I would feel stupid for not seeing that while reading it, except that I was too busy trying to follow the story Achebe was telling, and not the one he was implying, which is unfortunate. I guess if I had known in advance that the written story was merely a vehicle for a bigger statement, I would have liked it better. As it stands, I am just confused and disappointed."

"I tried so hard to sympathize with Okonkwo, I really did. After all, he was a hard working man who had to break away from his father's uselessness and earn his wealth the hard way."

"Chinua Achebe is a very creative person when it comes to words and the literary devices he includes in this story are alliteration, simalie, metaphors, and many others. I honestly wouldnt read this book if i ever had a chance because it constantly got boring."

"This book was favorite. It was interesting at times, but I just finished reading it today, and I did NOT like the ending. It just...ends."

"I was forced to read this in school - 1 stars
It's about some dudes in Afrika - 1 star
the main guy dies i think - 1 star"

"This book talks about religion & I am not really into learning about other religion."

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