Thursday, April 28, 2011

Moliere - Tartuffe

"Tartuffe is dry, cynical, witless reading--similar to watching re-run after re-run of a sitcom such as 'Three's Company'. This is a book that should be skipped at all costs. I wish I would've dropped my literature class before I was sentenced to toil through this piece."

"I read this book in French. The entire process was unbearably painful."

"yeah hypocrisy is bad"

"I understand that it's supposed to be ridiculous, but the rhyming just got to me after a while. I felt like I was reading Dr. Seuss' take on the randy upper-class of that era. I still shudder to think of it."

"'Tartuffe' by Moliere is a feeble attempt at extrodinary literature. The writing itself is lacking in drama and power, and the development of the play through rhyme patterns fails to alleviate the torment of reading it. The reader must realize that at the time Moliere was penning this work, he was in debtor's prison. His clever incorporation of monarchial laud was his means of finding favor in the prince to possibly mitigate his sentence, as well as for him [Moliere] to raise enough to set bail." NONE OF THAT IS TRUE "'Tartuffe' is a boring play satirizing Catholic religion and ignorant people who are duped by a wily man using God to deceive and rob a family who cannot see the true nature of Tartuffe. In fact, 'tartuffe' is French for 'thief'." THIS IS ALSO NOT TRUE "I seriously would not recommend reading this play, and know 11 other people who would agree."

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