Thursday, April 14, 2011

James Joyce - Dubliners

"I will never understand the literary world's fascination with James Joyce. I find him dull and just...well, dull. And it's not because I don't 'get' him."

"People looked into it waaaaaay to much in my opinion."

"Call me an uncivilized peasant if you will, but I continue to despise James Joyce. I recall a college English class of mine where all the students were ducking Prof. Gatza's questions about Joyce's 'Stephen Hero,' and--when he solicited an explanation for the mysterious phenomenon--only fifteen-year-old Brucie Boy had the guts to tell him, 'Well, none of us have read the book because, frankly, it's just pitifully wretchedly dreadful.' (I suppose that's why Gatza gave me a B.)"

"I stand firmly by my first impressions of James Joyce. I am now completely convinced that he was a small minded, arrogant, judgmental, petty little fragment of a man ... His stated intention of writing and publishing the book was to tell the 'truth' in such a way as that the Irish would have an honest look at themselves in his 'nicely polished looking glass' which would, of course, lead to a collective epiphany, causing the Irish to see the error of their ways and repent ... None of Joyce’s characters are treated with any sympathy or compassion, almost as if they deserve their dreary fates just for the crime of being Irish."

"Although I recommend it if you are looking for a short story collection and want to give Joyce a chance without slogging through Ulysses (I'm sorry, I just can't imagine that Ulysses is anything but indecipherable crap that has been proclaimed genius just because nobody can understand it)."


"Eh, I have still yet to see any talent from James Joyce. I was promised filth, what did I get? Some old guy talking about his girlfriends when he was a child and a husband who totally wanted to f his wife, but couldn't because she was in love with someone when she was like 17, but that someone killed himself for her. Aw.

Shut-up, JJ, I hate you"

"I don't like the contrived nature of the short story. (As though one tiny flash in someone's life or day can be the entire definition and summary of his life.)"

"Joyce writes as if Dublin were a small town, with all of the small town appeal of a
bag of pretzels."

"James Joyce is the biggest joke. nothing but a drunken Irishman, he writes both predictably and AGITATINGLY. his diction bothers me and his language frustrates me

"James Joyce is the most unreadable author to ever have been washed into xistance from the womb of Ireland. It is an indication of the non-relevance of education today, that this book is required reading for many of our youths. This novel belongs on the mantle of some poor sod who can't find anything better to do with his time other than perhaps wacking himself repeatedly on the genitals with a blunt object ad infinitum. Beleive me, this book is less painful, but only in that it ENDS. Avoid it at all costs, and punch anyone who recommends it to you square in the gob."

"I do not accept this story. I am sorry."

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